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Daikin Aircon Singapore in one of the most reputable aircon manufacturer brand in Singapore since it is one of the oldest manufacturer. Daikin Air-con split and multi-split systems have excellent cooling performance with its up to date technology. Other than that, it has high energy efficiency, which can help to save significant electrical bills for your home in Singapore. It also comes with many different classic and modern air-conditioners that are able to meet your stylish and design needs for your interior design in Singapore. Most Daikin Air-conditioners in Singapore make use of the latest Dakin technology, which are eco-friendly and reduce the costs for the users.


Daikin Technology

Daikin Singapore aircon technology provides the latest and newest air cooling comfort technology. Different technology features are built into different air-conditioning models for Singapore users.

Inverter Technology

In Daikin compressors, it is built up using the Daikin inverter technology where the compressors are operated by the motor and the speed of the rotation of the compressor motor is dependable on the frequency of the electrical supply of the air-conditioner. Daikin inverter aircon in Singapore is able to maintain the temperature of the unit by modifying the operation of the compressor depending on the load. This can reduce waste and the energy consumption which can help to save your electricity bills in Singapore.

Therefore, by installing Dakin inverter aircon for your indoor and outdoor units in Singapore will ensure greater energy efficiency of your units and result in greater energy savings for users. Furthermore, you are able to enjoy greater a faster cooling comfort for your house or office.

Daikin Humidifying / Dehumidifying Technology

Daikin technology is able to control the humidity level in your room at any temperature without the need of other appliances. Hence, by using Daikin air-conditioner, you are able to receive the best cooling comfort and convenience for your home.

Heat Pump Performance Technology

Daikin have different heat pump technology performance to different extremely hot and cold climate. For Singapore, Daikin technology have adapted the extremely hot weather in Singapore and will increase the heat pump efficiency. In the long term, it can have significant energy savings for your air-conditioner usage in Singapore.

Quiet Operation Technology

Similar to Mitsubishi Quiet Operation technology, Daikin have its own quiet operation technology where Daikin Air-conditioner in Singapore is able to achieve quiet and low operating sound. Hence, Singapore consumers are able to enjoy greater comfort in a quieter environment while sleeping or working.

Daikin Single & Multi Split Air-conditioning System


Daikin Single Split Aircon System

For Daikin Split aircon installation, its installation works are simple and is suitable for all houses or offices in Singapore. Most importantly, it is ductless which reduces the amount of renovation works for Singapore houses. It is able to connect one indoor unit to one outdoor unit. It is suitable to be installed most indoor areas such as HDBs, Condominium, Private properties, cafes and more in Singapore. It can provide one stop air-conditioning cooling solution for almost all indoor interior areas at an affordable price. Even if you only require one air-conditioner or addition of one air-conditioner in your house, Daikin split system can perfectly meet your needs.

Daikin Multi-split Aircon System

For Daikin Multi-split aircon installation, it can install and connect up to five indoor units to one outdoor unit for your home or office. Hence, it can effectively meet your air-conditioning needs for most HDBs flats. This is no problem if you are staying in Condominiums or private properties too. It is a complete air-conditioning system solution to all your cooling needs for your interior spaces with no ductwork involve.

Other than that, if you need different cooling needs for your rooms such as the living room or master bedroom, Singapore Daikin aircon can provide customized solutions in one system to meet your unique residential needs.

Individual Control

Each Daikin indoor unit can be switched on and run separately to deliver cooling comfort to separate rooms according to your needs. Hence, it is possible to operate any one unit in the afternoon and operate all five units in the night.

Energy and Cost Savings

By using Daikin inverter technology, a Dakin inverter aircon can ensure greater cooling efficiency which ensure that you enjoy the cooling air while saving energy costs. In the long-term, it will definitely reduce the electricity consumption for your house.

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