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Are you looking for air-con maintenance in Singapore? Regardless, you are looking for an aircon maintenance contract for your house, office, warehouse, churches, cafes and factories, ALV Aircon can provide maintenance contract that will suit your needs. With our experience in the field of air-conditioning industry, we have the knowledge, equipment and experience in maintaining and taking care of your air-conditioner. Hence, you can trust us in taking care of your unit while you enjoy your air-con. Feel free in contacting our friendly staff to enquire more about our maintenance contract packages that can suit your needs.

Benefits of Our Air-Conditioning Maintenance Contract

  • Extend life-span
  • Cost saving
  • Prevent system breakdown
  • Improve operating and cooling efficiency of your system
  • Remove dirt and dust in the system
  • Healthier and fresher air

Aircon Maintenance Contract

Regular maintenance of your unit in this hot city is crucial in keeping your air-conditioner in good working condition. Since the temperature is rising in Singapore, air-conditioning units tend to operate at a longer rate as compared to other Asian countries to keep ourselves cool. Hence, with a longer usage, dirt and dust will accumulate around the units which can cause air blockage or reduced cooling. Hence, in order to ensure that your units operates efficiently, it is important to have a professional contractor in maintaining your units for your home or office.

Some of you may feel that your air-con system do not have any major issues such as leaking, warm air, not cold or not working. However, one of the common reasons why these issues surface is due to the fact that the Singapore air-conditioners are not being regularly maintained. Hence, it is still necessary in maintaining your air-conditioning system by allowing professional technicians in checking, maintaining and clean your unit so that it will operate smoothly. In the long run, it could also reduce the possibility in major breakdowns since your units are maintained by professionals.

Below are some of the common issues faced by households in Singapore due to the lack of proper maintenance:

If these issues are not being repaired in time, it could worsen the condition of the air-conditioner and may lead to major repair. Hence, to prevent such issues from happening in your house or office, it is best to engage a professional aircon maintenance Singapore company in maintaining your unit.

Aircon Maintenance Singapore

Air-conditioner Maintenance By Professional And Experienced Contractor

The purpose of yearly aircon service maintenance contract in Singapore is to ensure that your units are being properly maintained by experts during this period. Hence, you can trust us in maintaining your air-con with our hands of professional technicians. During the servicing of the air-conditioning, our technicians will check and ensure that those units are operating smoothly and check if there are any parts and components are being worn out due to wear and tear. This is an extremely important process that requires experience as this preventive measure can prevent major issues and hefty repair cost. At the same time, we will make proper adjustments to it so that it will operate at a higher efficiency.

More than 75% of system breakdowns are random which are due to wear and tear as shown in recent research. The remaining cases are due to bad installation, high usage and more. The possibility of wear and tear can be reduced by having a regular air-conditioner maintenance by professional and experience contractor in Singapore.

There are also cases where the air-conditioning system in Singapore are not being maintained properly which led to many problems. Some of the common issues that we encountered are lacking of coolness, malfunction system and parts. Thus, it is best to start maintaining your system as early as possible to maximize the long-term benefits it can brought to your air-conditioners in Singapore.

When you sign up for our qualified air-con maintenance in Singapore, we will carry out proper maintenance and checking of the system. Our technicians will advise the condition of your system accordingly, such as if any parts in the system already worn out. However, the earlier you have regular maintenance of your air-conditioning system, the more benefits you will receive in the long run. If you have wish to enquire more about our maintenance services, you can contact us @ +65 6467 5523 and speak to our friendly staff.

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