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Aircon Repair

Air-conditioner has been one of the essential household appliances in Singapore that helps us cool down our house, office or even cafes. It is similar to other household appliances where their performance will gradually decrease over years and may even cause issues or even breakdown. However, you do not need to worry about aircon repair as we can help you in different types of problems that your air-conditioning system is facing. We will restore the functionality and regain back your coolness. Feel free to contact our friendly staff to fix your air-con today.

Aircon Repair

Benefits of Aircon Repair Singapore

  • Thorough checking of the condition including parts and components of your units
  • Accurate diagnosis of the condition of your air-conditioner
  • Ensure fault is spotted and repaired through experienced troubleshooting and checking
  • On the spot repair – Ensure that your air-conditioner can be repaired ASAP, but it’s dependable on the condition of the units

With ALV Aircon professional and experienced technicians, we will be able to solve all your air-con problems, repair your units and regain the coolness of your units. We will be able to determine the cause of the issues you are facing and will advise the most economical solution for you. Hence, you do not need to worry about the problems you are experiencing as our technicians will explain the conditions of your units and will repair the air-con for you.

Below are some of the common air-conditioning issues faced by households in Singapore:

  • Air-con not working
  • Air-con not cold
  • Air-con Icing/Freezing
  • Warm air
  • Water leaking
  • Noisy Air-con

The above problems can cause serious stress and inconvenience to home owners. Despite facing such problems, some owners ignored it and continue operates their air-conditioner. This is extremely risky as if the problems are not resolved, it could worsen and harm other parts or components in the system instead. There are cases of such incidents where the problem worsens and result in more parts being malfunction. Hence, it is crucial that you fix and repair your air-conditioning in a timely manner to prevent issues from worsening in your system.

Aircon Repair Service Singapore

Importance of Engaging Qualified Air-conditioning Repair Company

It is important to engage a qualified repair contractor in Singapore for your air-conditioners. In a qualified air-conditioning company, they will have teams of trained and qualified repair technicians which are trained to repair different types and brands of air-conditioners. Furthermore, with our experienced technicians, we are able to check and repair different types of issues that you are experiencing with your air-conditioner and regain the functionality of your units.

If you have ever engaged an unprofessional repair company, you will understand that some technicians are not properly trained to check and repair your units. There are cases where some technicians are unable to accurately diagnose the root problems which delayed the process of the repair job. Furthermore, they may even lack of safety precautions when performing repair jobs on your air-conditioners.

As a professional and trained technicians, we are able to accurately diagnose and repair the root of the issue. In addition, our technicians have attended air-conditioning safety courses and will carried out safety precautions in all the repair jobs that they perform. Hence, regardless you are looking for repair services for residential, commercial or industrial air-conditioner, we can meet and solve all the problems that you are facing.

Our professional and qualified technicians are experienced in different types of air-conditioner such as split system units, cassette units, window units, casement, VRV system and more. Hence, regardless of your house or office, you can call us to repair your units in a timely and professional manner.

With years of repair experiences from different brands and types of air-conditioner in Singapore, our technicians are experienced in many different brands and models. We are confident that we are able to solve all your air-conditioning problems and provide satisfactory service. Moreover, we will restore the functionality and coolness of your units. Hence, if you are experiencing any problems in your system, do not hesitate in calling our friendly staff to enquire more about our repair services.

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