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Aircon Gas Top Up in Singapore


I am sure that all of you know that the temperature in Singapore is extremely hot all year round. Furthermore, it is expected that the temperature will continue to rise this year. In a country like Singapore, aircon plays an important role in cooling our homes, offices and schools. This is to ensure owners, workers and students are able to remain comfortable indoor and prevent getting heat stroke or other sickness due to the hot weather.

Aircon gas which is also known as Freon gas is required at an appropriate level to keep the air-conditioning system cool. If your aircon gas falls below a certain level, it will affect the cooling performance of the aircon. Other than that, you will find yourself facing with other problems such as aircon blowing hot air. These symptoms may indicate that you need a gas top up.

When Should I Top Up Aircon Refrigerant Gas?

Gas top up is the process of filling up the gas into your air-conditioning system to ensure that your unit can operate smoothly. In situations where there is insufficient gas inside your unit, your air-conditioner will not be able to operate. Even if it is able to run, it will not be able to produce the cooling air as required. It is actually hard to determine the level of your air-conditioning system required gas levels, which is why it’s important to engage a professional air-conditioning contractor to check on your units regularly. A professional aircon company will check your units thoroughly and look out for possible problems in your system. Hence, if there are any leaking or internal problem in your system, our technicians will alert our customers on the issue, repair and rectify the problems.

There is actually a numbers individuals that believes that their air-conditioning system should only require top up Freon gas only if a leakage have been found. However, it is actually not always the case since there are other situations that will prompt you in topping up your air-con gas.

Strange Noises

If you remembered the times where your new aircon system is being installed, you will notice that there are hardly any noises coming out from your units. However, as times go by, parts will be worn out and loosen up which will cause strange noises. Other than that, if there are other abnormal noises that are not from the normal operation of the aircon system, it may be a sign of several air-conditioning problems. Hence, you should get an experienced technician from professional Singapore aircon regassing company for a thorough check on your units.

Aircon System Running Non-Stop

Normally, an air-conditioner should only run for a period of time until the temperature of the room have been cooled down to the desired temperature set. This features able to help to save energy and able to extend the lifespan of the units. However, if you noticed that the air-conditioning is constantly running and can only be manually switched off, it means that there may be problems surfacing in your units. This problem may be due to the decrease in your aircon cooling capacity or the certain parts in your air-conditioner system is malfunctioned. However, regardless which is the main reason causing the issue, it is advised to call a professional aircon gas top-up servicing and repair company in Singapore to rectify the issue you are facing.

Aircon’s Cooling Performance Has Dropped

One of the most obvious signs of leakage is when you discovered that the time taken to cool down the room have increased. A functional air-conditioner will be able to cool down the room in a short span of time, however it is dependable on its size. Since the gas is the essential process of turning the hot air into cold air in the aircon. Hence, if your air-conditioning system is unable to produce cold air, one of the reasons could be the insufficiency of the aircon gas. Hence, if you ever notice that your units take longer period to cool down your room, you can give us a call. This could be a sign that your air-conditioning system need to top up aircon refrigerant gas.

Aircon Switching On & Off Frequently

It is not normal for your air-con to be switching on and off constantly. It may have problems surfacing when you are facing this issue which means that your units may require servicing, or refilling if required. The most important action is to call a professional air-con contractor to have a look on your system before the issue worsen.

Summary of Aircon Gas Top Up

Every day when you are using your air-con, your air-con system could be leaking the precious and essential refrigerant gas without you noticing. A small leakage in your system could already cause all your aircon refrigerant gas to be emptied. Hence, if you ever wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot and stuffy and discover that your air-con is no longer cooling as compared to the past. It may mean that your air-conditioning system is not working properly, which is frustrating because it can’t cool down your room. However, the solution to regain the coolness of your aircon could be as simple as having an refrigerant aircon gas refill. You can give us a call anytime for topping up of aircon gas in Singapore.

Refrigerant Aircon Gas Refill Service in Singapore

Therefore, air-conditioning requires special care and maintenance such as servicing. Failure to do so will affect the cooling performance and condition of the units. Regular servicing and maintenance will ensure that experts will have a thorough check on your air-conditioning units such as the cooling capacity and whether the system have sufficient gas to produce cold air. Thus, if you ever find yourself sweating and perspiring despite switching your air-conditioning in Singapore, you can give ALV Aircon a call or an email. We are the aircon specialist in aircon regassing services. Other than that, we provide aircon repair services with our experienced technicians. Therefore, we are able to rectify all your air-conditioning needs and also able to advise you immediately if your aircon needs regassing or refilling of refrigerant gas.

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