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Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Looking For Quality Aircon Services In Singapore?

If you are looking for a qualified air-con servicing Singapore company, then you should consider hiring ALV Aircon. We are one of the leading Singapore air-conditioning contractors and we provide a wide range of air con services. With years of experience in the air-conditioning industry in Singapore, we are able to provide quality aircon servicing, aircon repair, aircon chemical wash, aircon maintenance and aircon installation for consumers in Singapore. We strive to be your one stop aircon company in Singapore by providing satisfactory island-wide aircon services in Singapore. Most importantly, regardless you are residential, commercial or industrial clients, we can effectively meet all your air-conditioner needs with our professional experience.
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Aircon Servicing

Air-con servicing ensure cleaning of different air-conditioning parts in the units and will improve the operating efficiency of the unit. There are also many benefits such as cleaner air, improve efficiency of the system, prevention of breakdowns and many more. If your aircon is not being serviced regularly, it is time to engage professionals for servicing of your aircon units.


Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon chemical cleaning services is a thorough aircon chemical overhaul washing of the whole air-con system. If normal servicing could not improve the condition of your units, you may require a chemical wash. It is one of the most effective cleaning services to thoroughly wash out all the dirt, debris in the air-conditioning system. It is also the best solution in solving aircon water leaking problems.


Aircon Maintenance Contract

Air-con maintenance involves servicing and cleaning of the units regularly. Regular maintenance will ensure proper maintenance to keep your units operate smoothly. It is essential to regularly maintained the condition of your units as it will improve the efficiency of your units, reduce possibility of breakdowns which will help you to save on hefty repair cost in the future. Most importantly, it is cost saving in the long term.


Aircon Repair

Are you facing issues such as aircon not cold or not working? Our experienced technician are able to diagnose the air-con issues you are facing and provide necessary economical solutions and repair work. With our experienced and qualified technicians, we are able to perform thorough check of your units and rectify your aircon problems efficiently.


Aircon Installation

Our experienced installers are trained to install many different brands and types of air-conditioner for your air-conditioner needs in Singapore. We specialise in various air-conditioner such as split system, wall mounted, ceiling cassette, ceiling suspended, casement aircon and many more.


Aircon Gas Top Up

Our experienced technicians are trained to top up refrigerant aircon gas for different types and brands of aircon units in Singapore. It is important to have regular checks on your aircon refrigerant gas level to ensure smooth operations and detect any potential problems, if any. If you require gas top up services for your air-conditioner, feel free to contact us today.

Importance of Aircon Servicing

Air-con are one of the widely used electrical appliances in Singapore since Singapore weather are extremely stuffy and hot. Hence, it is the only household appliances that can effectively cool ourselves and our home or office. However, overtime, the high usage of the air-conditioner without regular aircon servicing in Singapore can cause many different problems to surface.

Some of the common issues faced by Singapore households are air-con not cold, warm air or even water leaking issues. If these problems are not resolved in time, it could lead to major issues that could cause higher repair cost. Thus, it is extremely important to have regular aircon maintenance and take proper care of your units in such as hot country like Singapore.

At ALV Aircon, we are one of the leading air-conditioner servicing company in Singapore. With our qualified and experienced technicians, we are able to provide quality aircon chemical wash, repair, servicing, maintenance contract, installation and many more. We strive to provide the best satisfactory services to consumers in Singapore.


Aircon Brands We Carry and Specialise in

Being in the air-conditioning industry for years, we specialise in aircon servicing and repair for various brands and types of air-conditioner. We provide aircon services to various air-conditioning brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, LG, Fujitsu, Toshiba, and EuropAce. Hence, if you are looking for aircon services or facing problems with your air-conditioning units, our qualified and well-trained technicians are able to meet all your needs.

Benefits of Air-con Service in Singapore

With the rising heat in Singapore, air-conditioning system have been one of the essential household appliances in Singapore. It can be seen installed in many premises such as home, offices, shopping malls and many more. Many of you may think that new air-conditioner does not require any maintenance service. However, if your units are not being regularly serviced for a long time, the possibility of your air-conditioner facing breakdowns issue will be higher. This can cause inconvenience to you and may cost you additional repairs.

The air-conditioner is no different from any other machinery or cars where regular maintenance for your home or office is essential to ensure your units is in top-notch condition and performance. Professional air-conditioning servicing is an effective preventive maintenance for your units. Regular servicing and maintenance have many benefits not only to your air-conditioner but also the health of your families. Now, you are able to enjoy the benefits from our aircon servicing in Singapore.

Since the air-con are frequently in almost all areas, the cooling efficiency of the units will gradually decrease over time if there is no regular maintenance. Therefore, one of the benefits of servicing your aircon units are, it will maintain the efficiency of your system while cooling down your home and office.

Hence, it is advised to take care of your air-conditioner and take it as a long-term investment in Singapore. Do not hesitate and call us for servicing your units!

Air-conditioner is considered an asset to Singapore households. Hence, the longer the lifespan of the units, the higher the value of the units. Therefore, if you properly take care and maintain your air-conditioning system, it will definitely provide you with greater coolness and lesser problems to you and your families.

If you need any help, do not hesitate in calling our air-conditioner services today!

I am sure most of you have encountered major system breakdown issues before from your current or previous units. Some of the problems are repairable and could restore the functionality of your units, but some are beyond repair. Moreover, some repair jobs are expensive and may not be worth to repair depending on the issues. One of the reasons that you may encounter this kind of issues are due to the lack of proper air-conditioning servicing and maintenance in Singapore.

Why Choose Us As Your Reliable Aircon Contractor In Singapore?

In Singapore, there are countless of contractors offering similar services everywhere. However, how exactly are you going to choose the best contractor among them? Some of the factors that could help you in deciding are such as if the company providing one-stop services, having professional staff, reliable and more. We understand how troublesome it is to change the existing service provider to a new one. Hence, we strive to be your one and only Singapore air-conditioning contractor.

Below are some reasons why you should choose us as your reliable aircon servicing Singapore Company.

air-con servicing map district singapore

We understand that some contractors only choose jobs that are near their location. This actually frustrates many households that are looking for services as they are often rejected by several companies. However, you do not need to worry about such cases from us. This is because we provide island-wide aircon servicing Singapore and we will definitely be able to provide quality services to you regardless where you are staying.

Regardless, you are staying in the North, South, East, West or Central area in Singapore, you are more than welcome to call for our quality services. You just need to tell us your location and we will arrive at your doorsteps to provide the quality aircon service for you.

This is one of the reasons why Singapore homeowners choose us as their reliable contractor as we are their one-stop air-con service contractor. Regardless if you are looking for maintenance for your units or looking to install a brand new air-conditioner, we can provide all those services. Other than that, we offer aircon servicing, chemical cleaning, washing, overhaul, repair, checking & troubleshooting, gas top-up, maintenance and installation. We will definitely meet and satisfy all your Singapore air-conditioning needs.

Do you encounter situations where you engage an aircon servicing Singapore Company and found out that they only offer one type of services? Those are actually company that are not professionals in the field of air-conditioning industry and if you encounter any issues after having them serviced your units, they will simply reply that they do not do repair jobs. This eventually causes inconvenience to the homeowners as we understand how troublesome it is to find another service provider to perform another job for the same unit.

Hence, it is advised to engage a professional contractor from the start for your air-conditioning units. So that whenever you face any urgent issues from your units, you can call up your reliable contractor to check on it immediately instead of calling up different companies for the same unit.

Hire us today as your reliable contractor who able to provide all aspects of air-con repair, maintenance, cleaning and many more.

With years of experience in the field of air-conditioning industry in Singapore, we specialize in almost all air-conditioner brands. This is important as different brands will definitely have different maintenance and steps to service the units. Do not worry as over the years, our technicians have repaired, serviced, washed and installed many different brands and models in Singapore. With the experiences we have, we are sure that we are able to handle your air-conditioning units professionally.

energy-label-scheme-airconWe understand that new technologies on air-conditioner are always advancing and the ever-changing consumer preferences on it. Hence, we are always updating ourselves in these areas and always provide the latest air-conditioner brands and models, where currently, most of the brands that we carries are all energy efficient models and have eco-friendly features on it too. Some of our brands even include humidity control and even air purification features.  We carry many air-conditioning brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, York, Sanyo, Fujitsu, Carrier, Hitachi, McQuay, Midea, Toshiba, Sharp and Trane.

Therefore, regardless which brand you are looking for, you can just enquire our sales to find out more. If you do not know any brands, do not worry as our sales will recommend you the most suitable brand for your house or office. Be rest assured as we will only recommend brands that have good reviews from our past clients and have a top-notch reputation in the Singapore market.


For more information on Energy Label Scheme: Visit here.

We handles and specialize in different types of air-conditioning system since we are providing quality services to all residential, commercial and industrial clients in Singapore. Some of the system that we handles are such as split units, fan coil, ceiling cassette, window unit, suspend unit, VRV system and many more! This have resulted us to have a large consumer base in different industries such as houses, offices, warehouses or even cafes and more. We have confident in becoming your reliable contractor for your Singapore air-conditioning system.

Do you know that different types of air-conditioners will requires different power? It is better to seek advice from our friendly staff on the type of air-conditioner you need for your home or office.

For your house air-conditioning, if you want to know more about your HDB electrical loading. Visit here.


In our company, we have our experienced staff that is knowledgeable in the field of the air-conditioning system. It is definitely shocking and stressful if by any chance hiring an inexperienced contractor for your units. Other than causing you to consume more time, your units are also in danger in the hands of those inexperienced contractors. Having an issue that is being fixed on the first time by our professional contractor will not only save time but also financially.

You do not need to worry about our staff and technicians as all of them are well trained and experienced. We will have responsibilities in finishing the repair job instead of providing uncompleted, unprofessional jobs. We strive to become your trusted contractor in Singapore and aim to satisfy you with our professional services.


Trained Air-conditioner Installers: Visit here.

I am sure you have fully understood the importance of choosing an air-con contractor which specialize in wide range of services, brands, system, provide island-wide services and have staff that are professional and experienced. Some of these are the most crucial factor in choosing an air-conditioner servicing Singapore company. Therefore, do not hesitate anymore and allow our experts to service your AC or diagnose any issues in your system. It is highly advised not to handle those units by yourself as it may bring more harms than benefits to your system instead. Only a professional contractor can keep your units properly taken care of with the experiences they have. Try out our quality services by calling us today.

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