Reasons Why Aircon Not Working?


I am sure every one of you have been in a situation where your aircon not working on an extremely hot day. Air-conditioners work the same as the other household appliances where one fine day, problems such as aircon not working will arise in an unpredictable manner. When your aircon run into the above situation, there are actually quite a number of aircon problems that you can encounter since the air-conditioner is considered a complicate machine. Some problems are commonly faced by households in Singapore while some are rarely encountered. In this article, we will pick out the common problems faced by households on why your aircon is not working and ways to tackle with those issues.

8 Common Aircon Problems Faced

In this article, it will be discussing 8 common air-conditioner problems that have been faced by households in Singapore. Some of you might experience these problems but have no idea what to do next after encountering it. Read on to find out more about these common problems faced and what you should do.

Aircon Blowing Hot Air

Sometimes you might wonder that despite being able to turn on your air-conditioner, however, the aircon blow hot air instead of cool air. This could be due to a low refrigerant level, which requires gas refill. However, this often means that you may be experiencing aircon refrigerant gas leaking where gas is being leaked out slowly. This is our next common aircon problem faced which will be discussed in the next point. Thus, gas leakage has actually resulted in the cooling process to be disrupted and the air-conditioner no longer produces cooling air. If you are in this situation, contact your reliable aircon technicians to check and diagnose the issue that you are facing.

Aircon Water Leaking Problem

I am sure everyone reading this post would have faced with aircon leaking water issues and would surely agree with me that it is one of the common aircon problems faced by households in Singapore. Many would think that this is actually a minor issue but this can actually eventually lead to a serious issue since it may lead to damage to other parts in the unit, growth of mould, affect indoor moisture and other issues. If you ever encountered such issue, first you need to switch off your air-conditioner to prevent the leaking from harming other parts. Air-conditioning water leakage problem can be also caused by many other issues such as dirty air-conditioner, condensation and many more. Thus, if you are unsure of the issue you are facing, it is best to engage some professionals for assistance. If you would like to read up more about this issue, visit aircon leaking water problem.

Aircon Refrigerant Gas Leakage

When your aircon gas leak, it will have many other symptoms surfacing. One of it is discussed earlier, which is aircon blowing hot air. Other symptoms will be aircon not cold, where there is only no or little cold air coming out from your units. The leaks could happen in any parts around the air-conditioning system, hence, it is hard to solve the issue if there is leaks in the units. You will need to contact a professional aircon repair company to troubleshoot and do a thorough testing and checking of the units to accurately discover the source of the gas leak and repair it.

Noisy Aircon Problem

When you switch on your air-conditioner, do you hear any strange and noisy sound coming out of your air-conditioner system? Despite the fact that the air-conditioners could still operate as usual, but this is actually a symptom that your aircon is facing several problems that requires immediate attention. Normally, the sound may vary, but often is the “hissing” or “rattling” sound. The sound is definitely irritating, especially in a bedroom or office when people try to fall asleep or busy working. This issue can happen after switching on the aircon immediately or after running a certain amount of time. There are several reasons that could cause the sound such as a faulty compressor or rusty parts around the units. This problem requires expert knowledge and appropriate tools to troubleshoot and may require major repair. Hence, it is best to get a professional aircon repair company to rectify the issue.

Aircon Tripping Circuit Breaker

Do you encounter a situation where you switch on your air-conditioner and your house or office and it causes your circuit breaker to trip? Your circuit break trips every time your aircon is turned on. Since this involves electrical parts within your house, it could indicate of a faulty or weak circuit breaker. This could also be caused by the air-conditioner itself. This is another tricky aircon problems that require immediate attention as it affects the house electricity supply if it is not being rectified immediately. However, if the fault is not found in the air-conditioning system, you may require to engage a professional electrician for help.

Aircon Compressor Not Working Problem

This is another common air-conditioner problems in Singapore which often occur near the end of the summer. The compressor is considered the main and the most important part in the air-conditioner system. Hence, when aircon compressor stop working, it literally means that the whole aircon not working since the whole cooling operation is being disrupted. If such problem happens to your air-conditioner, you will need to hire professional and experienced aircon repair company. They are able to troubleshoot and diagnose the actual fault that is causing the aircon compressor not working problem and able to provide solution to repair your air-conditioning units. When considering a Singapore aircon repair company, it is best to take note that if they also offer aircon installation services. This is because if your air-conditioner is too old and beyond repair, you will be able to receive alternative solutions to it.

Aircon Turning On & Off Automatically

Aircon automatically turn on and off could be caused by several factors. For example, it could be due to a faulty parts in your air-conditioner which cause the aircon to turn on and off frequently. Since this involves complicated parts in the system, this will require an experienced technician to troubleshoot the air-conditioning system and determine which parts is faulty.  However, before calling a technician to check on the issue, you should switch off the air-conditioner units to prevent other parts in the units being further damaged. Do not try to solve or check the air-conditioner units yourself as it is dangerous which requires expert knowledge and experienced to accurately diagnose the cause of it.

Aircon Freezing Problem

Another issue that you could have encountered when your aircon not working is aircon freezing up. If your ice starts to freeze in your units, it can surely affect the cooling operation of your air-conditioning system. Some people feel that this is a minor issue and choose to ignore it. In the long run, it can actually harm your units and shorten the lifespan of your air-conditioner. Luckily, this issue can actually be solved easily. There are some solutions that could solve the majority of the freezing problems in your air-conditioner. One of it is to have your air-conditioning serviced to remove the dirt in your units and clean it thoroughly. However, there are cases that normal servicing does not solve the issue which means that your units could have other faulty parts or having a low refrigerant aircon gas level. It is advised to call professionals to check and repair your air-conditioning units instead of trying to repair it yourself as the problem may get worse instead.

Conclusion of Common Aircon Problems

I am sure that almost every one of you have encountered at least 1 of the problems mentioned in the above article since these are the common air-conditioning problems faced by Singaporeans. As mentioned, there are many different aircon problems that could occur in your units, from water leaking to faulty compressor to aircon tripping circuit board. Thus, remember that the best solution is prevention. Before such problem starts appearing, you should prevent it instead. I hope that after reading this article, it will give you all some ideas on how to prevent such problems from happening or making appropriate decisions if you ever encountered it. Most importantly, having regular aircon servicing and maintenance so that your aircon is properly maintained which will help in extending the lifespan and increase the cooling efficiency of your system.

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