Facing Aircon Leaking Water Problem in Singapore?


Aircon is one of the common household appliances in Singapore. Whenever you walk around in Singapore, you can see that almost everywhere would have air-conditioning system. Places such as houses, shopping malls, offices, schools, MRT, buses and even lifts have an air-conditioner installed to cool down the places. I estimate that almost 90% of the households in Singapore would have installed at least 1 air-conditioning system in their house. Singapore, other than being well-known for being a financial centre, it is also well-known for its extremely hot weather. Due to its weather, aircon have become an essential household appliance for peoples living in Singapore.

The aircon leaking water problem is one of the common and most headache problems faced by owners in Singapore. It can be a very serious problem if it is not being rectified immediately. Normally, when it starts to leak, it may be challenging to find out what is the cause of the leaks since there are many reasons why your aircon leaks. The common reasons will be further discussed in the later part of this article. Hence, whenever you face a leak, do not worry as experts in ALV Aircon will be able to solve all your air-conditioning problems. Our experienced technicians will definitely able to troubleshoot and find out the main cause of your aircon water leaking problem. If you like to find out why you are facing water leaking problems, continue reading this article.

Causes of Aircon Leaking Water Problems

Whenever your air-conditioning starts leaking water, it can be quite tricky since there are many reasons that could cause the leak. Furthermore, any parts in the system could actually cause the leak and this is where things starts to get complicated. You might be able to test the unit yourself and try to find the faults that cause the leakage. However, do not presume that you could solve the leak as the damages may be beyond what you think. In addition, fixing your unit leakage may not be as simple as you think, it requires appropriate tools, expertise and experience which is why it is important to consult an experienced technician to rectify the issue before the leaking gets worse. Below are some of the possible causes of your water leaking issues.

1) Poor Installation

Aircon installation is one of the most important steps when you purchase an air-conditioning system. A poor installation not only affect the design aspect of a room but will also lead to many other issues in the future and water leaking from aircon is one of them. A professional aircon installer will ensure that the aircon and piping is installed at an appropriate angle so that the cooling and discharge process will be efficient and reduce the possibilities of leakage. Therefore, do not neglect the importance of engaging a professional air-conditioning installation company in Singapore to install your units.

2) Low Freon Gas

If you ever found your units having low Freon gas, it could cause problems to your units too. Insufficient Freon gas could also cause aircon leaking problem. When this happens, the condensation and cooling process of the air-conditioning units will not be able to complete due to the insufficiency of gas. This will result in the overflow of the water due to the incomplete cooling process and cause the aircon to leak water. Therefore, the possible solution will be aircon gas top up. However, it will be difficult to accurately discover the actual cause of the leak which is why you should engage professionals to have a check on your air-conditioning units.

3) Leaking of air

Since indoor air will be able to infiltrate into the air-conditioning system, this is to ensure that the air will be recycled into cooling indoor air. Hence, during this process, condensation will take place in the units. Thus, you can have a look around your air-conditioning units to see if the aircon is dripping water. If you spot the aircon is dripping water constantly, your aircon may be experiencing leaking of air which cause the water leaks to happen.

4) Ice

During the cooling process, there are chances when your aircon will experience icing where there will be ice forming around your units. When this happens, it means that your cooling system started to have problems surfacing such as leaking which needs immediate attention. There are many reasons that could cause ice formation, hence when you encounter it, you will need a professional help from an aircon servicing company to rectify the issue for you.

4) Excessive Low Temperature

There are situations where the temperature outside the air-con is extremely cold, which cause the water to form within the air-conditioning. This is because the unit can’t evaporate as usual in the cooling process due to the variability of the temperature within and outside of the aircon. Thus, this cause the water to form on the unit and may cause the leak to happen again. However, when the temperature outside rises, this will cause the leakage to stop. Thus, if you are facing this situation, it will be relatively easy to solve the issue as the leaking will stop when the heat increase.

Prevention of Aircon Leaking Water Issues

I am sure this is one of the common aircon problems faced by households in Singapore which cause many serious problems. There are actually some things that you can do to prevent your aircon from leaking water. Firstly, it is important to have a regularly aircon servicing so that your units are being well maintained and prevent any serious issues from happening.

Secondly, engage with a professional aircon company on the regularly check-up such as the Freon gas levels and the maintenance of your units. By having professionals to monitor the conditions of your units will avoid any problems from arising and prevent serious problems from worsening.

Lastly, if your air-conditioning units do not have any regular servicing and maintenance, aircon chemical washing may be a better choice for your units as it will ensure your units is being thoroughly washed and will clear away all the stubborn dirt that have accumulated in the units that may eventually cause aircon water leakage.

Aircon Is Leaking Water? Don’t Know What To Do Next?

Do you ever been in a situation where you found out that your aircon is leaking and you felt helpless, not know what to do? When you discover that your unit starts leaking water, the first and most important step is to switch off your aircon to avoid further damages or danger. This is because the water from the leak may flow to the other parts or electrics in the units which could cause even more damages and even endanger you.

Professionals vs. DIY

So there are a number of owners trying to solve their aircon water leaking problem themselves, but there are actually several risks in it. Firstly, you may not be able to fix and solve the problem in a proper manner which may often lead to more problems in a later stage. In several cases, this could lead to damages that are beyond repair in your air-conditioning system. Thus, if you are unsure when you are facing a water leakage, it is best to contact an experienced aircon servicing company for help.

Singapore Aircon Servicing Professionals

ALV Aircon Servicing Singapore is able to provide professional assistance with any aircon leaking problems that you are facing. Regardless, you are in residential, commercial or industrial fields, we are able to solve your problems. Hence, if your air-conditioner starts leaking water, our technicians are able to repair it and even replace parts to rectify the issue. Other than that, if you’re a/c is in a condition where it is beyond repair, we are able to provide brand new aircon installation for your home or office. Do not hesitate and call us to let our friendly staff to assist your air-conditioning needs.

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