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Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore

Aircon chemical wash is one of the most effective aircon cleaning services in Singapore, it involves a thorough cleaning process where all the dirt, dust, debris and even bacteria will be washed out of your air-conditioning units. Chemical wash aircon is necessary for old air-conditioning units or for units that lacks of regular maintenance. The lack of regular servicing will result in dirt, debris and other harmful substances in accumulating around the air-conditioner which will affects the condition and performance.

Thus, if your air-conditioner units has not been serviced regularly or you feel that your units is not performing as efficiently as before , you can consider engaging one of these cleaning services to improve the condition and performance of your system.

Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore

Benefits of Aircon Chemical Cleaning

So, why should you opt for a chemical aircon cleaning services? The reason is simple, because it have many benefits to you air-conditioner and your health too.

Aircon chemical wash is a very thorough process of washing the entire air-conditioner units with quality chemicals. It will result in all the dirt that have accumulated or stained in the units to be washed out completely. All the parts in the air-conditioner will be chemically flushed with the chemical solvent and the dirt and substances will be flushed away too. If your units are extremely dirty and are not being regularly serviced or maintained, it is recommended to chemically clean your units to restore the cooling functionality of your air-conditioning system.

  • Cleaner and fresher air quality
  • Solve air-con leaking issues
  • Removal of dirt, mold and bacteria
  • Improve air circulation
  • Improve operating and cooling efficiency
  • Improve life-span
  • Reduce possibilities of system breakdowns

As mentioned above, air-conditioning chemical wash is able to improve the air quality such as cleaner and healthier indoor air. This is essentially important for elderly or children that have illness such as asthma or allergies where the quality of the air is very crucial. If your air-conditioning system is not being properly maintained and is dirty, it will emits unhealthy and dirty air which may worsen the illness or existing condition. Hence, always ensure that your units are being regularly serviced or by engaging chemical aircon wash services to improve the air quality of your home or office.

Aircon Chemical Wash Price

We provide chemical wash to all residential, commercial and industrial premises in Singapore. Hence, regardless you are looking for chemical wash for your home or office, ALV Aircon professionals are able to provide quality chemical cleaning services for your air-conditioning units. If you like to find out about our aircon chemical wash price in Singapore, you can contact our friendly staff.

Why Do I Need Aircon Chemical Wash?

If you find that your air-conditioning unit is not cold, leaking water, smells bad or other aircon issues, one of the reasons that could cause all these issues is a dirty air-conditioner. Hence, chemical aircon wash is the right aircon service that can help you to solve all these air-conditioning problems. You may feel that your air-conditioner looks perfectly fine on its exterior. However, the internal of the system may already be fully clogged with dirt and this should be checked by a professional technician.

Other than that, if your air-con is not being regularly serviced despite long usage, dirt and dust could already accumulate around your system. These could cause problems such as air-conditioner not being cold or a weak air-flow. Over time, problems could worsen and cause the units to work even harder to provide the same amount of coolness. Hence, in the long run, you may feel that your air-conditioner may not be as cooling as before and may even consume higher electricity.

Aircon Chemical Wash

Hence, in this case, your units may require a thorough air-conditioning chemical wash to clean the whole air-conditioning system. By chemically washing your air-conditioner, it will help in restoring the cooling performance and improve the efficiency of the units. Hence, you can feel that the air-flow will be stronger and the air will be cooler than before. Other than that, chemical washing will help to improve the operation, functionality, efficiency and performance of your air-conditioning system. In the long run, it will help to reduce the energy consumption of your system.

It is extremely important in choosing the right air-con company to chemical clean your air-conditioning system. By engaging a professional air-conditioning contractor to chemical wash your system, you can trust our expertise and experience in washing your units and maximize the benefits of chemical cleaning. If you require any cleaning services, feel free to contact our staff to book an appointment today.

Difference between Aircon Servicing & Aircon Chemical Wash

There are different types of aircon services such as aircon servicing and aircon chemical wash in Singapore, so you may be puzzled on what is the difference between both which one should you choose?

General aircon servicing is necessary to maintain the condition of your air-conditioning system. It is essential to upkeep the performance and efficiency of your system by having regular servicing. General servicing will clean and service different parts and components in your air-conditioner system and ensure that they are working in good condition.

On the other hand, aircon chemical washing is necessary when your air-conditioner is dirty or is too old where the performance and condition of your units have deteriorate. Chemical wash is a detailed and thorough cleaning services where different components and parts such as the coils are chemically washed. All the dirt, dust, grime and even mould will be eliminated during the chemical washing process.

By thoroughly flushing and washing all the different parts in the system, it will prevent harmful substances such as bacteria and mould from growing in your air-conditioner units. A thorough air-conditioner chemical cleaning will help to restore the cooling performance of your units as before. It will also ensure that your units will continue to operate efficiently and cool down your room at an efficient rate and consume lesser electricity in the long run.

In addition, as mentioned above, chemical washing aircon will helps to extend the lifespan of your aircon units and by maintaining it in good condition, it will prevent major repairs in the future.

Do not worry if you still can’t decide which aircon service you should engage for your air-conditioning units. Simply give us a call and our friendly staff will advise you accordingly. We specialise in general aircon servicing, chemical wash, repair, installation and maintenance services in Singapore. All of our air-conditioning services are performed by qualified and experienced technicians. Hence, if you want to ensure that your units is running efficiently and is in tip top condition, contact us today!

Aircon Chemical Wash In Singapore

Importance of Engaging a Professional Aircon Chemical Wash Company

It is extremely important to engage a qualified air-conditioner contractor to chemical wash your air-conditioning system as they have vast experience in the field of air-conditioning industry in Singapore. Other than that, they have the appropriate chemicals and equipment to wash your units so that you do not need to worry that your units being damaged by harmful chemicals. It is extremely important to use the right kind of chemicals to chemically flush and clean your air-conditioner. The special air-conditioning chemicals are able to thoroughly wash all the dirt and bacteria in your units and most importantly, it will not harm the parts in your units.

Other than that, with the wide range of air-conditioning brands in Singapore it is important to engage professionals that are experienced in performing chemical wash for the type and brands of your aircon units. I am sure you do not want your air-conditioner to be mishandled by inexperienced technicians. This will cause you many inconveniences and you may even end up pay unnecessary repair jobs due to the lack of experiences and knowledge in handling your units.

Hence, you should only engage qualified and professional company for chemical cleaning. By engaging our aircon chemical cleaning services, we will ensure that your air-conditioner will be thoroughly washed with quality chemicals. Furthermore, our technicians are experienced in washing different brands and types of air-conditioners for your house or offices. Thus, you can be rest assured that we are able to wash your unit thoroughly and regain the coolness of your air-con.

If you are looking for quality aircon chemical wash in Singapore, do not hesitate and call us today to book an appointment with us!

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