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Panasonic aircon Singapore was ranked in 4th position in 2013 Best Global Green Brands. Panasonic aims to become the leading Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry. It hopes that by doing so it will help the future generations and saving the Earth. Panasonic air-conditioners offers a wide range of products that help people to contribute to a better and greener life. Hence, everyone is able to have a strong commitment to being environmentally friendly.

Panasonic air-conditioner in Singapore are being designed in a way that not just to cool but with many other features. It is designed to save energy, purify indoor air and also auto adjustment of temperature according to surrounding and lifestyle. Thus, users are able to live an eco-friendly life in Singapore.

Panasonic Singapore Air-con Leading Technologies


ECONAVI is a technology in Panasonic air-conditioner that have many features that are able to help to save energy. It can be done with the help of the auto adjustment of temperature according to the surrounding movement, sunlight intensity, spaces and more. Overall, it will help users to reduce the electrical consumption of air-con in Singapore.

Panasonic INVERTER Technology

In Panasonic, the INVERTER technology is able to keep the room temperature constant by making adjustments in its rotation speed inside the compressor and other systems. This is able to ensure that users receive the best cooling comfort while receiving exceptional energy savings.


nanoe-G technology is integrated into the Panasonic air-conditioning system. It will effectively clean the fine particles and micro – organisms in the indoor air, surfaces and even in the filters and ensure a cleaner and healthier living environment for you and your families.


Panasonic Air-conditioning Cooling Comfort

After years of researching, testing and manufacturing, Panasonic is able to design and deliver a wide range of air-conditioners that you can rely on for many years in Singapore.


Panasonic Singapore air-con should be your cooling hero that un-noticeable. From noise measurements to environmental performance, all Singapore Panasonic air-conditioning models have been tested repetitively to ensure that it will provide the best cooling comfort without making any unnecessary disruption to your life.


Panasonic air-con have been put under operation continuously under harsh conditions. Example such as putting outdoor units under sun and rain and examine that every parts and system are working fine. This is to ensure that Panasonic products are your reliable aircon brand in Singapore.

Shock Resistance

Other than that, Panasonic air-conditioner Singapore stimulates impacts, drops, vibrations and other external impacts. This is to ensure that those units are able to sustain those shocks and impacts during transportation or storage.


Panasonic Air-conditioner Leading Features

Energy Saving Technology

Panasonic have actually combined the inverter technology with their ECONAVI sensor technology that creates a better energy efficient air-conditioner product. Hence, these advanced technologies from Panasonic able to benefit both the users and the environment, so that you can enjoy the cooling comfortable environment in your room while staying green.

Cleaner & Healthier Indoor Air

A Panasonic air-conditioner in Singapore does not solely cares about the cooling itself, but also the quality of the air that you are breathing. With the nanoe-G air purifying system, it gives users a peace of mind in the quality of the air that you are breathing in. The system will eliminate unwanted bacteria and substances which result in cleaner and healthier air for you and your family. Furthermore, there is an additional feature that could maintain the air moisture in your room to prevent health and skin issues such as dry skin, dry throats and mouths.

Quiet Operation

Panasonic claims that its air-conditioning system is the quietest in the world where it allow users to enjoy the cooling comfort and silent sleep from the air-conditioner during the night. In addition, the outdoor unit has also been manufactured in a way that it’s quiet as the noises from the operation is significantly reduced. Hence, users do not need to worry about the loud noises from the unit which may also keep up your neighbours.

Built to Last

The Panasonic outdoor air-conditioner unit is being professionally built to last in extremely harsh Singapore environment. The internal parts of the outdoor unit are being coated with a special coating that could protect the unit from being damaged by the harsh weather such as dust, wind, hot temperature and rain. This coating allows the air-conditioning system to withstand the harsh climate in Singapore and allows you to enjoy more years of cooling comfort which would benefit users economically in the long term.

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