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Mitsubishi Aircon Singapore is one of the world’s first manufacturer of the ductless wall-mounted split air-conditioner system. If you wish to buy and install a brand new air-conditioner in Singapore, you will surely notice that all the air-conditioners have the energy efficiency rating on the units. This energy labelling scheme is compulsory for units in Singapore to allow consumers to understand the energy efficiency of the different air-conditioning system in Singapore. Most of the Mitsubishi air-conditioner in Singapore have achieved an excellent energy efficiency rating where more ticks reflects the more energy efficient the unit is. ALV Aircon provides quality Mitsubishi aircon servicing in Singapore, where our trained technicians are able to handle and service your units professionally. Other than that, you can safely contact our technicians for Mitsubishi Aircon Repair if you face any malfunction problems for your units.


I am sure everyone in Singapore knows that nature provides the best comfort regardless where you are. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, Mitsubishi air-con in Singapore are able provide the cooling comfort that is similar to the mother’s nature. Air-conditioner with a higher Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) levels will have notable lower power consumption together with a much quieter operation. Together with the eco-friendly refrigerant in the Mitsubishi system, it will reduce the amount of harmful environmental effect of the Earth and build an environmentally friendly environment in every household in Singapore.

Mitsubishi Aircon Servicing & Repair Singapore

Despite the technology innovation in Mitsubishi air-conditioner in Singapore, air-conditioners will still require regular aircon servicing and maintenance to upkeep the system. Air-conditioning system works just like other machinery and by maintaining properly, it will keep your system in good working condition and extend the lifespan of your air-conditioner units. In ALV Aircon, we provide quality aircon servicing for your Mitsubishi air-conditioning system. With our years of experience and technical knowledge in the air-conditioning industry, we believe that we are able to provide you with quality aircon services for your units. However, if your units do not have regular servicing or maintenance and you encountered aircon problems or in your Mitsubishi units, malfunction problems, you can contact us for our Mitsubishi aircon repair services. Our qualified and experienced technicians are able to accurately diagnose your problems and rectify.  Other than that, we also provide installation services, hence, if you wish to install Mitsubishi air-conditioner in Singapore, you can contact our professional installer for Mitsubishi Air-con Installation in Singapore.

One of the remarkable Mitsubishi air-conditioning technology is the silent operation technology where it claims to be one of the quietest air-con in the market in Singapore. During silent mode operation, the Mitsubishi multi-split air-con noise level is only 19db for certain models which claims to be the quietest indoor split unit in the Singapore market. Due to the improved fin shape, structure and system, it brings down the resistance of the air flow, which result in smoother, quieter airflow during operations. Furthermore, the improved wide and long fan diameter in the unit allows it to produce powerful airflow despite being operated at a lower fan speed. It also helps to reduce the possibilities of noises while being operated during the night.


Mitsubishi Air-con multi-split system could balance the use of open interior area, space and finance, which is probably the finest solution to it. With the Mitsubishi split system new design, different sizes of indoor air-con could be combined, installed and connected to one outdoor unit for your house and even offices. Hence, you are able to customize your air-conditioning needs according to your cooling needs for your house.

Mitsubishi Singapore Aircon has different features and advanced technology that are able to meet your cooling needs in Singapore.

Powerful Cool

The powerful cool system technology, which is automated is able to provide rapid cooling for your room. It shows that it is can generate up to 10% greater and powerful airflow as compared to the high fan speed. Hence, cooling your house and room at a faster rate, which then will automatically return to the original settings.

Fuzzy Logic “I Feel”

Do you feel that your room too cold or hot, too humid or dry for your house or office? Mitsubishi air-conditioner units have this auto mode feature where the fuzzy logic technology feature able to tune the cooling conditions of your room to suit your needs. The temperature level settings will be kept in the memory of the system and will be automatically replicate your cooling needs that you have set every time you operate your units.

Wide & Long Airflow

The wide and long airflow in the Mitsubishi Air-conditioning system is able to provide you with extra cooling comfort to you and your families. With the wide airflow mode, you are able to set the direction of the airflow to any corner of your room.

Other than that, the long mode together with the powerful could blow out the cold air at a much further end where the strong airflow is able to reach the other end of your room. It is suitable for indoor area which is long such as a living room or conference room.

High Speed Cooling

The advanced inverter technology is able to provide powerful, high speed cooling. This is achieved by accurately and flexibly operates the compressor that will suit your cooling needs in Singapore. In Singapore, which is an extremely hot weather, the compressor speed is set at the highest level that is 30% more efficient than non-inverter unit. This would cool down the room at a faster rate in Singapore.

Econo Cool

The new Econo Cool technology automatically able to set the direction of the cooling airflow according to the temperature. Therefore, the temperature that is set can be around 2 degree Celsius above the conventional temperature. This is able to increase the level of comfort with an increase of at least 20% energy efficiency. Hence, this will increase the level of cooling comfort for you and your families when using the Mitsubishi Air-conditioning system.


Therefore, we are capable in providing professional Mitsubishi Air-conditioner servicing and repair, including installation in Singapore. With our years of experiences in servicing and repairing different Mitsubishi units, you can be rest assured in handling your Mitsubishi units to our professional technicians. Feel free to head over to our contact page to enquire on more about our Mitsubishi Air-conditioning Services in Singapore.

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