Facing Aircon Smelly Problems?


Have you been in a situation where you are breathing in bad odour smell from your aircon? This means that you are facing aircon smelly problems. This is one of the common aircon problems where owners often feel sick due to the bad odour smell. I am sure everyone would want to enjoy a cooling and fresh air from your air-conditioners instead of a bad smelly air that will spoil the relaxing and refreshing ambience that we are expecting from an air-conditioning system. Furthermore, the smell blowing out from your air con can spread the odour to the whole room and may even spread it to your living room and other comers.

Reasons Why Your Aircon Smells Bad

There are actually many reasons why your aircon smells bad. In this article, we are going to share some of the common reasons that lead to a smelly air-con.

Accumulation of Dirt

One of the common reasons that cause your aircon smells bad is the accumulation of dirt in your air-conditioner such as the coil, filters, etc. This is because, over time, your aircon will start to accumulate dust, dirt, bacteria and small particles around your units. Therefore, if theses dirt and dusts accumulate without being cleaned or serviced, the air that passes through and blows out will start to smell. An aircon that is filled with dirt and dust is a common sight for most households in Singapore due to the lack of servicing and cleaning of the air-conditioners. This could happen in almost any air-conditioner including window unit and portable aircon units. The air blowing out from the smelly aircon will often come with a bad sour smell. Hence, if you ever sniff a bad odour smell from your air-conditioner, it could be due to the accumulation of dirt and dust.

Humidity Problem

It is known to everyone that the one of the functions of the aircon is to cool down your room or house. However, not many knows that aircon also helps to dehumidify the room too. Humidity levels in your room is one of the common reasons that cause aircon smelly issues in Singapore. Dehumidify process is done through the aircon where it removes the heat and moisture in the room. However, there is situation where the size of the air-conditioning system installed in the room is too big. This will definitely cool down the room faster, but this can’t dehumidify the air, which increases the humidity level instead. Thus, when the humidity level in your room is high, the surrounding, including your aircon will be facing a high moisture level, which could lead to the growth of mold and other bacteria in you aircon. Over time, it will lead to a smelly aircon where it will emit a foul odour smell.

Growth of Mold

Sometimes, after you woke up in the morning you can see that your windows are covered with moistures where there are condensation on the surface of the windows. Thus, when you switched on your aircon overnight, it will cause your room to become moist, especially if your room is small and the aircon you installed is bigger sized. Other than that, due to the humidity levels in Singapore, this promotes the growth of mold in your air-conditioner. Therefore, all these factors cause the mold and bacteria to grow and this can be spread across the unit and causing the air that is blown out having a musty smell.

Aircon Gas Leak

If you ever smell gas-like smell from your aircon, this could mean that your air-conditioning system may be leaking refrigerant gas. If you are sure that the smell is coming out from your aircon instead of other household electrical appliances, you should always contact your aircon contractor and get your air-conditioning system checked thoroughly to prevent worsening of your units. In this case, if you want to solve the odour smell from your units, you will need to find and repair the leak first.

Decomposed Insects or Animals in Aircon

Air-conditioners are one of the favourite spot or shelter for insects or animals such as birds to hide or build their own nests around it. Thus, insects or birds may enter the air-conditioners and got trapped inside which after some time, they may die inside the units. Therefore, when the animal’s body begins to decompose, it will emit a foul odour that is similar to a rotting smell. These awful smelly odour can make you dread switching on your air-conditioning system and left you to choose between rotting smell or a stuffy and hot room. Over time, the decomposing smell that is emitted may already pass through the air in your room and may already contain the odour smell. The solution to resolve the rotting odour smell from your house and air-conditioner is to get the animal’s decomposed body out of your air-conditioner and thoroughly clean your air-conditioner including the ventilation.

How to Solve Aircon Smells Bad Problems

As mentioned above, factors such as lacking of regular cleaning, humidity levels and damaged air-con parts can result in your aircon smelling bad. There are many different reasons causing the bad odour smell coming out from your aircon. The most common reasons on why your aircon smells bad are humidity, accumulation of dirt, refrigerant gas leak, decomposed insects or animals and the growth of mold. Regardless of whether you notice sour, rotting, gas or other odour smell, the chances are that there may be problems with your aircon already.

Most often, the bad smell from your aircon can be a tricky problem to solve unless you are an expert in the air-conditioning field in getting rid of the bad smell in the air-conditioner. In addition, there are chances where the foul smell from your aircon may not be the root cause of it as it may be due to the ventilation in your house. If you try to solve the odour smell by yourself, you may end up doing more harm to your air-conditioner due to the lack of knowledge and experience in handling your aircon. Hence, consulting a professional air-conditioning company will definitely be the best choice in solving the bad odour smell problems in your units.

Aircon Maintenance Singapore Company

If your aircon smells bad, you should resolve the root cause of the bad odour smell immediately by hiring a professional aircon maintenance company in Singapore for help. ALV Aircon can assess the smelly aircon issues that you are facing, clean and rectify the issues. Hence, if you want to get rid of the odour smell blowing out from your aircon, you can contact our friendly staff for assistance.

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