Why My Aircon Automatically Turn On and Off?


Have you ever been in a situation where you just came home sweating due to the hot weather in Singapore and you immediately turn on your air-conditioner wanting to enjoy the cool air? However, in the midst of it, you found out that your aircon automatically turn on and off. If any home or business owners have been in the above situation, they will definitely be annoyed as they would now need to endure the hot weather in Singapore instead of enjoying the cooling air due to the malfunctioned aircon. Aircon turning on and off can be a tricky problem as there are many possible reasons that could cause the problem. However, do not fret as professionals in ALV Aircon are able to diagnose the cause of it and rectify the problem for you.

Reasons Why Aircon Automatically Switch Itself On & Off

In this article, we will be discussing about the possible reasons that could cause your air-conditioner to turn off and on automatically.

Issue with Condenser

In the air-conditioning system, the condenser is the heart of the system. It is an essential component during the cooling process where it will cool down the vapour into the cooled refrigerant gas which will in turn cool down the room. Thus, over time, there will be dirt and dust accumulated around your condenser which will result in blockage and poor airflow. This will affects the heat exchange process for the condenser which will reduce the efficiency of the cooling process and cause the condenser to overwork. In the long run, this can result in the components inside being damaged. In order to resolve this problem, your condenser must be cleaned thoroughly such as the coils and fins. It is advised to hire aircon servicing experts to service your air-conditioning system. For the different internal components and parts in the system, it is best to ask your aircon technicians to take a look while they service your units to ensure that they are functioning well. However, in the long term, you should regularly service your aircon to ensure that the air-conditioning is clean and prevent debris from accumulating.

Compressor Problems

Having a compressor problem is one of the reasons that cause your aircon to turn on and off over and over again. The build-up of dust and dirt on the outdoor unit can cause the compressor to overheat. This is due to the increase of heat inside the components which cause the temperature to rise. The heat will continue to increase since the heat is being trapped inside. This will eventually cause the aircon to automatically turn itself off, which act as a safety measure to prevent the components inside from being damaged. If your air-conditioner is facing the above issue, you can clean your coil by calling the professional aircon servicing company in Singapore. However, if your air-conditioner is very dirty where normal servicing could not improve the condition of your units, you can try the aircon chemical wash, which will thoroughly wash out all the debris, dirt, dust that accumulated on the air-conditioner. This will ensure that the heat is able to flow out which will prevent the components from being overheated. This means that it will prevent the aircon from triggering the safety switch that will turn off the aircon.  Thus, it will solve your aircon switching off automatically issues that you are facing currently. However, it is best to engage a professional aircon repair company to troubleshoot your air-conditioning system.

Faulty Electrical Components/Parts

Air-conditioner is similar to all other household electrical such as TV and washing machine where appliances will encounter breakdowns or faulty parts issue during their lifespan. Hence, it is natural for the air-conditioner to experience faulty parts due to wear and tear.

Due to the technology advancement over the years, most aircon have safety precautions that will switch off the air-conditioning system to prevent the worsening of the problem. The safety switch will only be triggered depending on the parts that are faulty. Hence, if one of the parts are not working properly, it will turn off the aircon. Thus, whenever you suspect that some parts in your air-conditioners is faulty, you should hire a professional to fix or replace it.

Due to the complexity of the air-conditioning system, there are actually many parts in the system supporting the operation of the air-conditioning system. Thus, when your aircon automatically switch on and off, there are actually many parts that could possibly cause the problem. For example, a malfunction circuit board is one of the reasons that cause the units to switch itself on and off. When the circuit board is malfunctioning, it can cause certain areas of the aircon to stop operating properly such as the operation of the fan. This is possible in newer models of the air-conditioner where it is advanced enough to detect possible errors in the system and prevent it from worsening.

Conclusion on Why Aircon Automatically Turn On and Off

As mentioned in the article, there are many factors that could cause your air-conditioning system to automatically turn itself off and on again. The most common causes of this issue faced by local household owners are the accumulation of dirt and debris on the condenser or compressor and many more. Anyone of you that experienced it will know that aircon tuning on and off automatically can be very annoying and often, it could only be solved by engaging professional for help. Hence, if you ever faced such situation, you can contact ALV Aircon, an experienced aircon servicing and repair company in Singapore where we will check and troubleshoot your air-conditioning system and fix your air-conditioning units back to normal.

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