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Aircon Service Singapore

Are you looking for qualified aircon service in Singapore? ALV Aircon provides qualified aircon services in Singapore with our professional technicians that have years of experience in the field of air-conditioning industry. We also an offer wide range of services in Singapore such as repair, chemical cleaning, installation and maintenance contract. We are confident in satisfying and meeting all your air-conditioning needs in Singapore.

If your units are not maintained regularly, you may face problems such as clogged and dirty units which will lead to reduced coolness from your units and a weaker air flow. Over time, your units will consume higher power and result in higher electricity bills.

Aircon Service

Advantages of Air-conditioning Service Singapore

  • Remove dirt and dust in the system
  • Healthier and fresher air
  • Improve cooling efficiency
  • Improved efficiency results in lower power consumption
  • Reduce possibility of major breakdowns
  • Extend life-span

Our air-conditioner servicing includes cleaning of various parts in the air-conditioning system and ensure that your units operate efficiently. We will also check of the key components of the system and ensure that they are working smoothly during operation. In addition, our experienced technicians will check if there are any malfunction parts in your system due to wear and tear and will advise accordingly.

With the rising temperature in Singapore, you may feel that your units are not providing the same coolness as before. Hence, you may consider servicing your air-conditioner to improve the coolness of your units. With our knowledgeable and experienced technicians, you can be rest assured in allowing us to take care and maintain your air-conditioner while you enjoy the cooling air.

Being the leading air-conditioning service company in Singapore, we offer quality service at an affordable rate in Singapore. We ensure that through our aircon services, you will enjoy the coolness of your units and ensure that your units continue to operate smoothly. Therefore, greatly reduce the possibilities of break downs which can cause inconvenience to users.

Aircon Servicing Singapore

Importance of Engaging a Professional Air-conditioner Service Company

It is extremely important to engage a professional Singapore company to service your air-conditioning as they acquire professional experiences in servicing different types and brands of air-conditioner for your premises. Other than that, they have suitable tools and equipment in servicing for each of your units for your house of office. Hence, you can be rest assured that those staff will be able to keep your units clean and take good care of it.

If your units have been serviced by unprofessional air-conditioning contractor, you may already have bad experiences from these low quality services provided by them. Most of the staff are actually not being properly trained to service your unit. Thus, your unit may be mishandled by them which result in certain parts being damaged during the process of servicing. These damaged parts are not aware by the users and it is only known to them when our professional technicians thoroughly check through those units during servicing.

It is already too late as those damages by the unprofessional air-conditioner company have already taken place. However, it is still very important to discover those damaged parts as soon as possible as the problems may result in other parts malfunction or cause other serious problems. There are several different cases where some damaged parts can be repaired and some can’t be repaired which requires a whole replacement instead.

Thus, do not neglect the importance of regular professional aircon service in Singapore with the rising temperature and the negligence act by unprofessional company. Speak to our friendly staff @ +65 6467 5523 to enquire more of our services today.

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