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Carrier Aircon Repair and Servicing Contractor

With the high temperatures in Singapore, air-conditioner have become an essential household appliance in Singapore to keep us cool. I am sure every household owners wants their Carrier aircon system to last as long as possible and able to cool down their home and office efficiently in a hot weather in Singapore. If you have a Carrier air-conditioner in your premises, you would understand the reliability and quality of your air-conditioning system. Carrier air-condition are one of the trusted aircon brands in Singapore and you can see it everywhere you go. If you face any aircon problems with your Carrier units, we are able to perform quality Carrier aircon repair and servicing. Thus, regaining the functionality and efficiency of your system.

Carrier Aircon Singapore

Carrier strives to provide quality and reliable air-conditioner in Singapore to meet the demanding needs from the extreme weather. They have won several awards by providing top notch customer service for their products across the world. This have results them in becoming one of the leading aircon manufacturers across the world. Carrier air-conditioning system are well known for its reliability and it have gained many trust from not only consumers in Singapore but across the world. However, by any chances that your units face breakdowns issues or required maintenance services, you can look for us as we have experts that are equipped with knowledge, tools and years of experience in performing quality Carrier aircon maintenance and repairs in Singapore.

Carrier Aircon Servicing

If you want your air-conditioning units to function properly and keep it in tip top condition, regular Carrier aircon servicing is required. Regular aircon servicing is able to ensure that your units are cleaned and serviced by experts. This will improve the operating efficiency, air quality, reduce possibility of system breakdowns and many more. With the reduced repairs, not only it can help you to save a significant amount of repair cost but also help to extend the lifespan of your Carrier units.

Carrier aircon servicing should be carried out by professional aircon servicing Singapore contractor in Singapore. With the wide range of different models and types of units, you should engage professionals that have the expertise in servicing your Carrier aircon system. This will ensure that your units are being handled professionally and the risk of being mishandled will be significantly reduced. At ALV Aircon, our technicians are trained to service different types and brands of air-conditioning system, including Carrier. Hence, feel free to contact us to book a servicing Carrier aircon appointment with us today.

Carrier Aircon Repair

Carrier aircon is one of the popular and reputable aircon manufacturer brands in Singapore. They are well-known in providing quality air-conditioner that can last in harsh conditions. However, despite of its reliability, all air-conditioner are the same where there could be problems surfaced, which may result in sudden breakdowns issue. This is extremely frustrating to some owners as they will need to bear the hot heat in their room or office.

You do not need to fret when you face all these issues as we have experienced Carrier aircon repair technicians that is able to diagnose the cause of the problems and rectify your issues. They have the technical knowledge, tools and equipment in repairing Carrier aircon. Hence, if you face any aircon problems with your units, feel free to contact us for Carrier aircon repair services in Singapore.

Carrier Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon servicing is important in ensuring that your Carrier units are able to operate smoothly. Other than general servicing, another effective aircon services is Carrier aircon chemical wash. It is an effective chemical cleaning services where all the dirt, dust and even bacteria, mold will be eliminated during the process. This cleaning services may be required when your air-conditioning units have built up all the dirt and debris in the units. Only by engaging Carrier aircon chemical cleaning, all these harmful substances will be washed out.

There are many advantages from engaging chemical wash services. Some of the advantages are such as stronger air flow, cleaner air, increase cooling performance, eliminate odour smell from aircon, prolong lifespan and many more. Most importantly, with an increased efficiency and improved condition, it will reduce the possibility of system breakdowns which will help you to save on the future hefty repair cost. Call us today to book a chemical wash Carrier aircon appointment with us today.

Carrier Aircon Maintenance

Other than providing repair and chemical wash services, we also offer aircon service and maintenance services in Singapore. By engaging professionals for regular Carrier aircon maintenance, it can keep your air-conditioning units in tip top condition. Other than that, in the long run. with proper care taken, it can extend the lifespan of your units. Many households may feel that aircon maintenance is not necessary, especially if they are using a new air-conditioner.

However, regardless if your Carrier unit is old or new, it requires regular Carrier aircon maintenance to keep it operating smoothly. The lack of maintenance will cause the dust and dirt to build up and eventually deteriorate the performance of the system. At ALV Aircon, we are experienced in performing Carrier aircon maintenance for different types of units such as Carrier wall mounted split aircon system, Carrier ceiling cassette, Carrier Ceiling suspended, Carrier ceiling ducted and many more. Hence, give us a call anytime to book an aircon servicing Singapore appointment with us today.

Carrier Aircon Installation/Replacement

If you are looking for new air-conditioner for your house or office, we able to provide Carrier aircon installation or replacement services in Singapore. We provide aircon installation for different types of air-conditioner such as Carrier mounted split aircon system, Carrier ceiling cassette aircon, Carrier ceiling suspended, Carrier ceiling ducted and many more. Other than that, if you are looking for Carrier aircon replacement services, our technicians are able to meet your air-conditioning needs in Singapore. Our aircon installer are certified and have years of experience in the air-conditioning in the air-conditioning industry. We offer installation and replacement services to all residential, commercial and industrial clients in Singapore. Hence, we believe that we are able to provide satisfactory aircon services and meet your cooling needs for your home and office.

Common Carrier Aircon Problems

As mentioned above, regardless of the types or brands air-conditioning system, your units will likely face problems during its lifespan. Some of the common aircon problems are such as aircon not cold, aircon water leaking, gas leakage, faulty parts and many more. Some can be easily resolved such as chemically remove the dirt and debris that have accumulated in the air-conditioning units while some may require replacement of the parts or even components in the system. Repairing a Carrier aircon is a dangerous task as it has many different complicated components and electrical contacts. Hence, it is best to engage a professional Carrier aircon repair company to troubleshoot and repair your units instead of trying to fix it by yourself.

Qualified Carrier Aircon Servicing Contractor

With years of experience in the aircon servicing industry in Singapore, we able to provide satisfactory aircon services to all residential, commercial and industrial clients in Singapore. We have experienced and qualified aircon technicians performing the tasks, hence, you trust us in handling your Carrier air-conditioning units. Call us today to find out more about our services.

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