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Air-Conditioner Brands We Specialize

ALV Aircon provides wide range of aircon brands in Singapore. The harsh climate in Singapore have resulted in air-conditioners being one of the essential electrical appliances in Singapore. Most households often have at least 1 air-conditioning system in their house for their own cooling comfort. Hence, with the rising demand in air-conditioners in Singapore, it have result in wide range of air-conditioner manufactures brands for consumers to choose from.

Therefore, to meet the air-conditioning demands of consumers in Singapore. ALV Aircon carry and specialize in many different brands in Singapore as below. We specialize in aircon servicing, repair, chemical washing, maintenance and installation for the many brands as below:

  • Daikin Aircon
  • Mitsubishi Aircon
  • LG Aircon
  • Panasonic Aircon
  • Samsung Aircon
  • Sanyo Aircon
  • Toshiba Aircon
  • Carrier Aircon
  • Fujitsu Aircon
  • Sharp Aircon
  • Trane Aircon
  • Midea Aircon
  • Europace Aircon
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