Reasons to Opt for Aircon Chemical Washing


As everyone know, the weather in Singapore is extremely hot and humid. This result in air-conditioning units being an essential electrical appliances in all households and offices. Hence, it is important to ensure that your aircon units is functioning well, so that you are able to enjoy the strong cooling and fresh air flow in your room or offices. It is recommended to have an aircon chemical wash when normal aircon servicing is unable to improve the condition of your air-conditioners.

Aircon Chemical Washing in Singapore

In this article, we will be discussing on the reasons why you should opt for air-conditioning chemical wash for your home or office, how it is going to benefits you and your air-conditioner system and how often you should do it.

Why Do I Need Aircon Chemical Cleaning?

When your air-conditioner operates, there will be dust, dirt and debris that will start to accumulate in the aircon system over time. All these will cause your aircon to have difficulty in functioning properly and efficiently. Other than that, mould and bacteria may also grow inside the aircon which is harmful to our health if we inhale the polluted air. Thus, aircon servicing or aircon chemical washing will clean up all these dirt and bacteria and ensure a cleaner and healthier air. Other than that, it will also improve the operation and cooling efficiency.

Procedures of Aircon Chemical Washing

The procedures of aircon chemical wash is where the chemicals will be sprayed into the coils of the aircon. After that, it will be washed out thoroughly. This will wash out all the dirt, debris, bacteria, mould and other harmful substances that have accumulated in the system. This will clean the aircon units thoroughly which have many other benefits such as stronger air flow, fresher and healthier air, improve cooling, prolong the life span of the units and many more. This is a thorough cleaning process which has many more benefits and better results as compared to normal cleaning. If you want to enjoy clean and cool air in your house, you should keep your aircon units clean. There are various kinds of aircon cleaning job offered in Singapore. However, aircon chemical washing is undoubtedly a better quality cleaning job in the market.

Have you ever wondered why does air-conditioner chemical washing makes our aircon colder? Now we will be discussing on various reasons why you should engage aircon chemical wash.

  • Thorough Aircon Chemical Cleaning of Evaporator Coil

Evaporator coil is one of the essential parts in the air-conditioning system. The evaporator coil plays an important role in the cooling process. If your aircon evaporator coil is accumulated with dirt, dust or debris, there will be problems such as aircon not able to function properly which result in reduced cooling efficiency or water leaking problems. In addition, the layers of accumulated dirt, grease and dust may lead to malfunction of the unit.

Hence, to prevent such problems from happening, you need to ensure that your aircon is clean and regularly maintained. The most effective cleaning service will be having a chemical wash aircon service which will effectively wash out the layers of dirt, debris and grease that are accumulated around the evaporator coil. This will regain the functionality of your evaporator coil and improve the cooling efficiency of your system. Other than that, chemical wash aircon will result in stronger and cleaner airflow.

  • Ensure a Cleaner and Efficient Aircon System

Aircon servicing is one of the aircon services that can keep your air-conditioner clean and in good working condition. Other than that, it can also help to improve the airflow of your system. However, there are cases where the air-conditioner is fully accumulated with dirt, dust and aircon servicing could not improve the condition of your units. This is where aircon chemical washing is necessary in removing all the dirt. This cleaning service is the most effective and thorough cleaning of the air-conditioning system. There are many benefits from chemical washing such as cleaner and fresher air, stronger airflow, increase in cooling and energy efficiency, reduce the possibilities of breakdowns, prolong lifespan and many more.

  • Prevent Freezing of Aircon Condenser

If you are experiencing aircon condenser freezing problems, it is a serious issue. Freezing problems can cause harm to your aircon system. There are many reasons that can cause your aircon to freeze. Some of the common reasons are dirty air ducts or coils that caused by the accumulation of dirt and debris over time. Air-conditioning chemical wash can effectively resolve the problem by washing the unit thoroughly and keeping it clean. This will also prevent any potential aircon icing problems in the future. Another reason that cause icing problems is faulty fans which you should hire an experienced technician to have a look at your air-conditioning system. If you like to understand more on aircon freezing issues, you can read in the following article, “Why Is My Aircon Freezing Up?

  • Identify Aircon Leakage and Other Potential Problems

If anyone of you encountered aircon gas leakage in your aircon system, you should know that it is very dangerous and is a very time consuming aircon problem. The leaked refrigerant will produce harmful gas, which will be breathed in by you and your family. Over time, it can lead to many health problems such as headache, nausea. Furthermore, if you have family members that have an existing medical condition such as asthma, it may worsen the condition. Thus, even though it is not commonly faced by households, early detection of refrigerant leakage is still necessary.

By having aircon chemical wash, our staff is able to perform a thorough cleaning and checking of the unit. Hence, they will test and check to ensure that your aircon is in good working condition. If there are any symptoms of problems, our staff will be able to detect and advise you on the necessary steps.

Thus, by having regular cleaning and checking of your units by our professional technicians, you will be able to prevent worsening of the aircon problems and ensure that your aircon units is working in good condition.

  • Aircon Chemical Wash Remove Blockage in Condenser

An aircon condenser is the essential part of the air-conditioning system where the cooling process starts. The heat exchange process is started where the heat in the indoor area is being taken to the outside of the house. At the same time, the cooling is being taken into the indoor through refrigerant. This can be done where the condenser system is able to pressurize the molecules from vapour to cooling liquid form which in turn helps to cool down the room.

Any internal or external blockages in the condenser can affect the efficiency of the system. It can cause reduced coolness level and cause the system to overwork which is harmful to the unit in the long run. Therefore, by chemical wash your aircon, you are able to wash out the dirt and debris that have accumulated in the condenser which will help to improve and maintain the coolness level of your aircon.

  • Checking and Testing of Aircon Parts

In the process of chemical washing of the air-conditioner, the parts inside the air-conditioning system such as the thermostat, motor and blower wheel will be checked and tested. If any of the above parts are faulty or accumulated with dirt or debris, it will disrupt the normal operation and cause the aircon unable to operate properly and may even malfunction. By having chemical wash, it will ensure that proper check is carried out and if there are any problems or faulty parts, it can be resolved. Hence, this will ensure that your air-conditioning system is able to work efficiently and produce cooling air in your house or office.

How Often Should You Do Aircon Chemical Wash?

Some of you may wonder how often you should chemical wash your air-conditioning units. There is no definite answer as different users have different air-conditioning usage and are living in different environments. Hence, the condition of your air-conditioner will differ between users. However, the average interval to perform aircon chemical wash is around 10-12 months to ensure your air-conditioning units are in tip top cooling performance and excellent condition. However, the above interval could be reduced or increased depending on the condition of your aircon units.

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