Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash


Due to the hot and stuffy weather in Singapore, it is extremely important to ensure that your air-conditioner has regular servicing and maintenance. By having aircon servicing on a regular basis will ensure that your units are in good working condition and improve the performance of your system. In addition, proper maintenance will reduce the possibility of breakdowns issue and extend the lifespan of the air-conditioning system.

If you have an air-conditioner in Singapore and is looking for aircon servicing services, you might be puzzled by the different range of aircon services available in Singapore. There are various types of services such as general servicing, aircon maintenance, aircon chemical wash and aircon chemical cleaning. Different services will suit the different clients’ air-conditioning needs.

Why Engage Aircon Chemical Wash?

In this article, we will be discussing on the benefits of aircon chemical wash in Singapore, so that it can help you in choosing the best and most suitable service for your air-conditioning system. In addition, it will go through the advantages of chemical wash aircon and why your aircon should hire professionals for chemical wash services in Singapore.

Increase Energy Efficiency

The efficiency and the performance of your air-conditioning system will deteriorate over time due to the accumulation of the dirt, dust or due to a faulty part. If your air-conditioning system is accumulated with dirt, dust and debris, it can be resolved easily by having an aircon chemical cleaning where different parts and components of the air-conditioner will be thoroughly cleaned and flushed. All the harmful substances such and dirt, debris and molds that affect the efficiency of the system will be flushed out. By chemical washing your air-conditioning units, it will help your system run more smoothly and efficiently. The increase in the system efficiency will reduce the energy consumption of your units and reduce your electricity bills.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Aircon system

If your air-conditioning units are facing problems such as aircon not cold, blowing hot or smelly air, strange noises or not working at all, you should engage professionals to have a look at your air-conditioning system. Sometimes, a chemical wash can easily rectify the issues, if not, repair jobs need to be done to fix it. Chemical washing is a thorough process of an aircon chemical overhaul of your units. During the process, the air-conditioning units will be washed thoroughly to ensure all the dirt are being flushed out. It has many benefits such as improving the cooling efficiency and performance of your system, stronger air flow, improve air quality and many more. Air-conditioner is similar to any other machinery such as cars where regular servicing is required upkeep the condition, regular servicing of your air-conditioner units is the same where it will keep your units in good working condition which will increase the lifespan of your units.

Prevent build-up of mould and debris

In an aircon chemical wash, quality products are being used which can ensure that all the dirt, bacteria and mold are being washed out thoroughly. The dirt, debris and dust tends to accumulate during the operation of the air-conditioning system. With the moisture around the units, it further promotes the growth of bacteria and mold. The growth of these harmful substances will affect the quality of air in your room or office, which may cause you to feel sick. Other than that, it may also affect adults or children with allergies or skin problems. Hence, aircon chemical wash can completely eliminate all these harmful substances such as bacteria and mold. This will improve the air quality in your house and it will be beneficial to you and your family members.

Aircon Chemical Wash Can Clear the Blockages

During the operation of your units, there will be dirt and debris build up in the air-conditioning coils. Sometimes, these substances can be stuck in other parts in the air-conditioning unit. One of the major process of chemical wash is flushing out all the dirts in the aircon coil. By removing all the blockages in your air-conditioner system, it will increase the performance and efficiency of your system and reduce the chances of your units experiencing breakdowns issue. Hence, if you feel that your units is not working as efficiently as before, feel free to contact us for a chemical washing today.

Prevent Aircon Water Leaking Problems

One of the reasons why your aircon is facing aircon water leaking problems is a dirty air-conditioner. A dirty air-conditioner can result in all the dirty substances being build-up in different parts and components which affects the operations of the air-conditioner. Over time, this could lead to water leaking issue if the air-conditioner is not being well-maintained such as having regular aircon servicing. In this case, aircon chemical overhaul is able to thoroughly wash out all the dirty substances that have build-up and clean the air-conditioning system. This will ensure that all the blockages, components and parts are washed thoroughly and solve the water leaking issues. To find out more on aircon leaking water issues, you can read on “Facing Aircon Leaking Water Problem in Singapore?

Improve Air Quality

Over time, there will be dust and dirt accumulated around your air-conditioner units. Depending on the condition of your units, harmful substances such as bacteria and mold can grow in your system which are harmful to the health of you and your family members. This is extremely important if you have family members that have medical illness such as asthma or allergies as you need to keep your air-conditioning units clean. In this case, by having a chemical wash, you are able to remove all these harmful substances and prevent your family members from inhaling the unhealthy air. In addition, by having regular servicing and maintenance, you are able to ensure different parts and components of your air-conditioner are cleaned and ensure that the air in your room or house is clean which will keep everyone in the house healthy.

Remove Bad Odour from Smelly Aircon

One of the common aircon problems faced by local households is smelly aircon. It can be caused by several issues such as dead insects, even animals, if not, it could be due to the accumulation of mould or other bacteria substances in the unit. The accumulation of these substances not only emit an odour smell, but is also harmful to our body. Therefore, if your air-conditioner units are facing such issue, it is best to engage a professional aircon servicing company to check on the cause of the odour smell. If it is due to the build-up of dirt, engaging an aircon chemical wash can remove all these harmful substances which will eliminate the bad odour smell from the units. Other than that, it will put a stop on the growth of the mould and bacteria in the system. Hence, if you ever experience a bad smelly aircon in your house or office, aircon chemical cleaning may be able to rectify your aircon issues. Read on “Facing Aircon Smelly Problems?” to find out more about the odour bad smell from your aircon units.

Reduce Possibility of Freezing Issues

During the operations of your air-conditioning units, you may face freezing problems on certain parts in your system. It could be due to several reasons such as faulty parts. On the other hand, it could be due to the lack of maintenance which results in a dirty air-conditioner. A freezing air-conditioning unit not only cause the unit to stop operating but can also result in breakdown issues on the whole aircon system. It could lead to hefty repair cost in this future. Hence, if the freezing issue is due to a dirty air-conditioner, you can opt for chemical wash aircon which will ensure that the parts and components of your unit will be thoroughly washed and in working condition. Thus, preventing the freezing issues from occurring in your system. Read on “Why Is My Aircon Freezing Up?“to find out more about the freezing problems in your aircon units.

Aircon Servicing Singapore

I am sure by now you have understood the benefits from aircon chemical washing, you need to make sure that you are hiring professional aircon servicing company to perform the chemical wash services. You can contact us for chemical cleaning services as our technicians have the experience and knowledge in performing chemical cleaning services for your units. They have years of experience in chemical washing different types and brands of aircon in Singapore. Besides that, we also offer other services such as aircon servicing, repair, maintenance, installation and many more. Hence, feel free to contact us to find out more about our aircon services.

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