Importance of Aircon Servicing Before Singapore Haze


I am sure every Singaporean resident has encountered and even breathe polluted air during the Singapore haze period. There are many harmful side effects from the polluted air from the haze in Singapore. However, there are actually ways for you to reduce the harmful effects from the haze. It is definitely important to take care of the health of you and your loved ones. Since prevention is one of the ways to keep yourself safe, aircon servicing before the haze is one of the solutions to ensure the comfort of your body when the haze hits Singapore. In this article, we are going to go through several reasons based on health and economic factors on why you should service your aircon before the haze starts to infiltrate Singapore.

Reasons on Why Aircon Servicing Before Haze

In this article, we are going to go through several reasons based on health and economic factors on why you should service your aircon before the haze starts to infiltrate Singapore.

Improve Cooling Comfort

When your air-conditioning system is cool and when there are no signs of haze in your room or office, it will definitely lift your mood and improve your comfort level while you are resting or working. This can be done so by servicing your units before the haze hits Singapore. This is the ideal environment that anyone would want to relax and sleep in their house. A clean environment in your room will help you to stay away from the hazy air in Singapore which will lighten up your mood and protect you from the polluted hazy air.

Cleaner Air

One of the obvious benefits of aircon servicing before the haze hits Singapore is ensuring an unpolluted air in your room and house. Many do not know that in the hazy polluted air, there are actually many harmful small particles in it which can’t be seen by human eyes. When humans inhaled in these polluted air, it can lead to respiratory problems such as dryness in throats or could cause irritation in your skin, eyes and nose. When you experienced all these symptoms, it may lead to discomfort and cause you to feel sick. Hence, by getting your aircon serviced before the Singapore haze period, you do not need to worry about breathing in polluted air in your room or house as your indoor air will be fresh and clean after the servicing.

Prevent Your Body from Dehydration

If your aircon is not being regularly serviced, there are chances that your units are not able to keep your room as cool as the temperature set. These can cause your body to feel stuffy and hot if your aircon is unable to keep you cool which can lead to dehydration. Furthermore, if the haze period starts, Singapore’s temperature heat will definitely increase and worsen the condition. Hence, regular aircon service before the haze comes will ensure that your air-conditioner is clean and operating efficiently, which will protect you from the effects of haze. When you, your families or colleagues are in an air-conditioned area with sufficient coolness, this will prevent your body from experiencing too much heat from the outdoor hazy condition in Singapore and keep your body hydrated and healthy.

Prevent Respiratory Issues

During the haze period in Singapore, the harmful polluted air has many side effects in the small particles such as dirt, dust, germs and other harmful pollutants. Hence, if you have any respiratory problems such as asthma, it is best to service your aircon before the haze comes. This is because when the haze comes, your existing respiratory problems may starts worsening and by servicing your aircon, it will definitely help to improve the indoor air quality for your room and house.

Prevent Worsening of Skin Conditions

As mentioned above, haze could worsen the condition of people who have respiratory problems such as asthma. This goes the same for skin conditions as the harmful particles that contains allergens, germs, dirt and other particles can lead to skin condition problems to people who have skin disease or sensitive skins.

Sealed Room

When you hire a professional aircon maintenance company to your house or office, they will inspect the condition of your air-conditioners including external factors such as possible leakages that could affect the air-conditioning system efficiency or where polluted hazy air are able to enter into the room. Thus, hiring aircon servicing company in Singapore before the haze reaches Singapore will ensure that your room is properly sealed so that you are protected from the harmful haze.

Clearer Mind and Healthier Body

According to research, body that is not receiving enough clean air will not be functioning in its utmost potential. Thus, in order to prevent a slow brain and body system, it is best to inhale fresh and clean air as much as possible even in the hazy period in Singapore. You are able to breathe in clean air in your room by having a fully functioned air-conditioner that is properly serviced by a professional aircon maintenance company.

Reduce Electrical Bills

Do you know that after aircon servicing, your air-conditioner will be able to operate efficiently and the air flow will be stronger than before? When your units start to operate efficiently where it will cool down the room faster, it will reduce the energy consumption. Hence, this will reduce your energy bills spent on the air-conditioner and help you to save money and at the same time, helping the environment.

Prevent Hefty Breakdowns

I am sure that most of you have heard this statement before, “prevention is better than a cure”. This statement is also applicable to the aircon. By having an aircon service before the hazy polluted air infiltrates into Singapore will prevent major breakdowns of your air-conditioning system which in turn help you to save on the hefty repair cost that you may experience. Furthermore, it will save you on the troubles and time spent on replacing the parts or air-conditioner equipment.

Extend Lifespan of Aircon

By servicing your air-conditioner before the hazy polluted air hits Singapore, you are able to remove all the dirt, dust and other particles that have accumulated in your air-conditioning system. This will ensure that your air-conditioners are clean and are functioning well. It will also prevent parts from malfunctioning and extend the lifespan of your air-conditioners. Thus, your air-conditioner will still be operating efficiently during the haze period and keep your indoor air clean and fresh.

Aircon Service before Singapore Haze Period

Hence, I am sure that after reading this article, you all will understand the benefits of having your air-conditioner serviced before the haze in Singapore such as the health and comfort of you and your family as well as the economic benefits from the units. Thus, ensuring your air-conditioner is working and operating efficiently after the service before the haze period will ensure that you continue to enjoy a clean and fresh air even during the haze period.

Aircon Repair and Maintenance Company

ALV Aircon provides quality aircon repair and maintenance services to all residential, commercial and industrial clients in Singapore so that everyone able to enjoy the benefits listed above. Our professional servicemen will able to meet your air-conditioning needs in Singapore and ensure that you have a haze-free home or office to relax and work happily during the hazy period.

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