Why Is My Aircon Noisy?


Do you often being woken up in a middle of the night due to your aircon too noisy? I am sure these noises coming out from your air-conditioner system is causing you great discomfort and frustration. There are several reasons that could cause the problem since there are different type of noises coming out from different parts of an air-conditioner.

Noisy Aircon Problem

The condition of the noise problem from your air-conditioner can vary as some problems are not serious which you may be able to solve it yourself. However, some of the aircon noise are major problems where it can’t be easily resolved by owners. When these serious aircon noisy problems surface, you should immediately hire an experienced air-conditioning technician to attend to the issue. This will prevent the noisy aircon problems from worsening and help you to save on further repair cost.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the different type of noises coming out of the aircon system, where they are coming from, what these noises indicates and the possible solutions on it.

Aircon Banging, Rattling & Clanking Noise

Is your aircon making noise such as banging, clanking or rattling noises? If these noises get louder and louder, you should engage professionals to have a look on your air-conditioner system immediately to prevent the worsening of the problems.

Aircon Banging Sound

Do you hear your aircon making banging noise during the operation of the air-conditioning system? This may likely be due to certain components or parts in the air-conditioning system that are faulty. These parts or components are often worn out or faulty due to consistent usage of the air-conditioning system. Depending on the condition of your air-conditioner, these parts or components may be able to repair. If not, it might need a new replacement. Other than that, it could also mean that the compressor is faulty which will require replacement.

Aircon Rattling Sound

If you ever heard your noisy aircon making sounds such as chattering sound. This may show that your air-conditioner has problems with the internal parts or incorrect type of refrigerant or unbalance refrigerant gas level or damaged strings. There is a slight chance that the rattling sound can be solved by tightening the different components inside. However, if the clicking sound still can be heard, perhaps it is time to engage a professional aircon servicing company and take a look at your units.

Aircon Clanking Sound

An aircon making clanking sound could be due to a shift of position of the different components or parts inside the air-conditioner system which cause the clanking sound. This happens often due to the vibration and start up during operation and overtime, it may cause it to shift from its original position. Other than that, the aircon noisy problem could also due to faulty or damaged components inside the air-conditioner system. The solution to resolve such issue is to troubleshoot and check the different components and parts inside the air-conditioner system. Ensure that they are in working condition and re-position, if necessary. If there are any faulty or damaged components, you should get it fixed as soon as possible. Also, tuning and re-alignment of the system will help to improve the condition too.

Aircon Hissing, Humming & Buzzing Noise

Other than the clanking, rattling sound mentioned above, there are other type of noisy aircon sounds coming out from the aircon such as humming, hissing and buzzing sound. We are going to elaborate more on these sounds and how to fix it on the below.

Aircon Humming Noise

During normal aircon operation, there will be minor humming noise coming out from the air-conditioner. However, if the humming noise gets louder than the normal operating noise, it could indicate that there is a fan problem. It could be due to the dirt and debris that have accumulated over time, which cause the unbalance in the alignment of the fan. In order to resolve this problem, you can try cleaning your fans and re-aligning it. It should improve the condition, but if it does not help, it means that there is something wrong with the fan motors. You can actually prevent such problems from happening by having a proper check regularly. Other than that, having regular aircon servicing will ensure that your air-conditioner is clean and prevent the dirt and dust from accumulating which will deteriorate the condition of your air-conditioning system. In the long run, having proper maintenance on your air-conditioner will help you to save on the future repair cost.

Aircon Buzzing Noise

Buzzing noises coming out from your aircon can be a critical issue. There are chances that there are faults with the electrical components, faulty motor or loose electrical wiring. All these are potential fire hazards that could cause harm to other electrical appliances and even yourself. Hence, when you encountered such situation, it is advised to engage a professional aircon servicing and repair company to assess the condition of your air-conditioner and fix the buzzing noise from your aircon.

Aircon Hissing Noise

There are various types of hissing sound from the air-conditioning system. Some minor hissing noise issue are such as dirt clogging internally, which can be easily resolved by cleaning it. However, if you ever hear the sharp hissing sound, this means that you may be facing a more serious issue such as faulty parts or components. Other than that, the problem may be even worse where there could be leakage in the refrigerant piping. If you face such issue, it requires immediate attention by professional aircon servicing and repair company in order to restore the functionality of the air-conditioner. If there is any delay in the repairs, it could worsen the condition of your air-conditioners and may result in costly repair jobs.

Aircon Clicking Sound

Another type of sound coming out from the aircon is continuous clicking sound.

If you are facing clicking sound from your air-conditioner, there could be coming out from the internal parts or components in your air-conditioner system. It may indicate that certain parts are faulty which requires immediate attention. Other than that, it could be due to the accumulation of dirt and dust that cause the fan to have issues which you can try cleaning the fan to see if the situation has improved. However, if the clicking sound still exists, it could means that your air-conditioner may be facing serious problems.

The clicking sound from your air-conditioner could be due to faulty electrical control board, damaged thermostat or electrical wirings. The above problems involve potential risk of being electrically shocked. Hence, to be safe, it is advised to hire a professional aircon servicing and repair company to safely troubleshoot, diagnose and rectify your aircon noisy problems.

Aircon Screaming or Screeching Sound

When an air-conditioning is producing screeching and screaming noise, it is most likely that the air-conditioning system is going to face several breakdown issues.

Aircon Screaming Sound

If you have an aircon that is making noises that sounds like screaming, it may indicate that some of the components in the air-conditioning system is experiencing extreme stress. The parts that are affected could be a faulty motor, other faulty internal components or blockages in the system. If you are experiencing the above situation, it is best to have your aircon troubleshoot by our qualified technicians and they will be able to diagnose the issue that you are facing.

Aircon Screeching Sound

Aircon emitting screeching sound is not an easy task to deal with among the noisy aircon problems. It requires expert knowledge and experiences to accurately diagnose the cause of the issue. However, the common reason that cause the screeching noise is due to motor problems. When you hear the sound of screeching from your system, there is a high chance that your motor is reaching its lifespan. However, there are different motor inside your air-conditioner system, which is why you need to engage a professional aircon repair company to troubleshoot and accurately diagnose the cause of the problem and get it fixed immediately.

There are many factors that could lead to the failing of the motor. One of it is due to the extensive usage of the air-conditioner. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the usage of your air-conditioning system and prevent it from being overworked, especially during the hot days in Singapore.

Handling Noisy Aircon Problems

As mentioned above, there are many different types of aircon noise that could be coming out from an air-conditioner.

There are other steps that you can try to minimise the noise that your aircon is producing. If you are staying in landed properties, you can try to surround the air-conditioning condenser with sound absorbing materials. Other than that, you should service your aircon units regularly. This not only helps to improve the cooling efficiency of your air-conditioning units but also helps to prolong the life span of your aircon.

In this article, we have already covered some of the factors such as the cause of noises and some simple procedures that you can try to resolve it by yourself. However, these simple procedures such as checking out for loose components, cleaning of the accumulated dirt, clearing of blockages often serves as a temporary solution. If you are facing very serious aircon noisy issue, these simple procedures are not able to resolve your problem. Therefore, you will require professional help from qualified aircon servicing and repair company to diagnose and fix your aircon noisy problems. Feel free to contact us if you need any help on your air-conditioning system.

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