Benefits of Regular Air-Conditioner Servicing Singapore


I am sure that most of you here have your air-conditioning system serviced before. However, do you know the benefits of having regular aircon servicing in Singapore? Many households actually neglects the importance of regular servicing and maintenance which often results in aircon problems such as sudden breakdowns. The benefits not just limits to your air-conditioner but also to your health in the long run. Read on to find out more about the benefits.

Regular Air-Conditioner Servicing

With the rising demand of air-conditioner due to the rising heat in Singapore, there are more households installing air-conditioners in their house. This goes the same for offices, warehouses, retail shops or churches. Wherever we go in Singapore, there will be air-conditioning system installed to keep us cool. However, how many of you actually service your air-conditioning units regularly?

Regular servicing of your air-conditioner can help to extend the lifespan of your units, increase operating efficiency of your system and many more which will be discussed in-depth in the later part of the article. An air-conditioner that lacks of regular air-conditioner maintenance may find the air-conditioning system incurring higher energy bills. This is because when an air-conditioner is being serviced and regularly maintained, it will increase up to 5% of the system energy efficiency and can reduce up to 20% of operating cost for the owners.

Other than that, having proper maintenance and air-conditioner servicing will ensure that your units are in good working condition and at the same time, professionals are able to detect any symptoms of possible breakdowns. This will reduce the possibility of future break downs which will help you to save on the hefty repair cost. Most importantly, you do not have to be worried about your air-conditioning units since it is in good hands by our professional air-conditioning servicing technicians. Thus, you will be worry-free while enjoying the cooling and clean air in your house or office.

Now we will be discussing some of the benefits of air-conditioner servicing by ALV Aircon.

Air-Conditioner Servicing Results in Cleaner Air Quality

As mentioned above, over time, your air-conditioner could easily accumulate dirt and dust. When your units get dirty and not being serviced, it will degrade the air quality that you are breathing, which may cause health issues to owners or family with existing medical conditions such as asthma.

During the servicing of the air-conditioner, different components are being serviced and cleaned such as the filters, evaporator coils and many more. Other than that, different parts in the unit are being maintained and tested. At the same time, our technicians will ensure the system is operating and in good working condition and try to look out for possible problems such as leakage. Refrigerant leakage is not a small issue and could be detrimental to the health of your family members. Thus, it is best to engage professionals to have regular maintenance for your units to prevent such issues from happening. Essentially, it is you and your family that are breathing the air in your house. So the air quality in your house ought to be at its cleanest.

Regular Air-Conditioner Servicing Increase Energy Efficiency

In today’s time, energy efficiency plays an important role in almost all industries, especially the air-conditioning industry. Air-conditioner is one of the highest energy consumption electrical appliances. With the high electricity consumption from an air-conditioner, it is logical and advantageous to maintain your air-conditioning system energy efficiency. Other than helping you to save on the energy bills, it will help your units to operate better and efficiently. Furthermore, if you are an environmentally conscious person, you won’t be too stressful as you know you are trying to reduce the usage of energy among your household appliances.

Savings on Hefty Repair Cost with Regular Air-Conditioner Servicing

There are plenty of areas where an air-conditioner is similar to a car. For example, with proper care, such as regular maintenance and servicing, there will be lower chances of your air-conditioning units being malfunction and thus the possibility of you replacing or repairing parts will be reduced. In contrast, if your unit lacks of regular servicing, over time, there will be an accumulation of dirt, grease and dust around the unit which will lead to the growth of harmful mold and bacteria. All these can significantly affect the productivity of the unit such as reducing its efficiency and most importantly, affecting the coolness level of the unit.

Proper Air-Conditioner Servicing Prolong Lifespan of the Units

The air-conditioner is similar to any other household appliances where it requires regular maintenance and efforts in order to achieve an efficient air-conditioning system that is in good working condition. Aircon is considered as an asset and investment. When proper care is taken to the units, it will result in a longer lasting asset and making it a worthwhile investment for the owners in the long term.

Comply With Manufacturer Warranty Requirements

Different aircon manufacturers may have different requirements or conditions for their warranty. Some may require you to service your air-conditioning regularly to maintain the units. Therefore, by any chance that you will need to make use of your warranty, it is necessary for you to know and comply with any requirements or conditions that the warranty might state.

Air-Conditioner Servicing Help to Save Money

By having maintenance and servicing regularly for your air-conditioning units, it will help you to save an amount of money in the long term. Despite forking out money for the servicing, it actually acts as a long term investment for the air-conditioner. In the long run, an air-conditioner that is properly maintained will be in good condition and running efficiently for the years to come. With a properly maintained unit, the possibility of your unit being malfunctioned or breakdowns will be significantly reduced, thus helping you to save cost on the cost of repairs or replacements. Furthermore, your unit will consume lower energy when it is running at its efficient level, which means your energy bills will be reduced in the long run too.

Air-Conditioner Servicing Improve Air Flow

Have you guys tried to adjust the air flow, fan speed or even temperature because your aircon air flow is not strong and not consistent? By having regular air-conditioning servicing, it will ensure that your air-conditioning is in good condition where the parts are being cleaned and serviced by professionals. Thus, your air-conditioning system will have better and cleaner air flow after the servicing.

Regular Air-conditioning Servicing Makes You Relax and Worry-Free

When your aircon units in good working condition by having regular servicing and maintenance, you will not be stressful. An air-conditioner that is not serviced will cause you stress as you do not know each time you turn on your air-conditioner, will it have aircon water leaking or not working problems. When these problems happen, it can cause frustration to you and affect your mood.

Thus, by maintaining your units regularly, you will be worry-free as you do not have to worry that your aircon giving you problems each time you switch it on. You will be enjoying the cooling air from your air-conditioners and relax instead of stressing or worrying about it.

Why should we have regular air-conditioner servicing?

It’s Logical to Have Regular Air-Conditioner Servicing

Air-conditioner works like any other machinery where regular maintenance is important to ensure the units is in a good working condition. For example, a well-maintained car will reduce the possibility of repair and can increase the lifespan of the car. This goes the same for an aircon unit where it requires regular servicing to keep the unit in good condition. It’s also logical as if you want your equipment or items to be working properly, you will need to clean or maintain it regularly.

By having regular servicing, not only that our technicians will service and clean your unit, they will also look out of any possible symptoms of aircon problems, advise to customers accordingly and resolve it. This act as a preventive maintenance, which prevent the problems from worsening which may be costly to repair. Thus, why would anyone not fork out little amount of your time and money to keep your units on top notch condition and prevent future breakdowns from happening that may lead to costly repairs.

In order to keep your air-conditioner in tip top condition and performance, regular servicing and maintenance is essential. This is especially important in a hot and humid weather like Singapore, where aircon units are almost switched on every day. With the rising heat in Singapore, this will lead to high usage of the air-conditioning units which increase the importance of regular servicing.

However, do take note that there are some situations where air-condition servicing is unable to improve the condition of your units. This happens when your units are not being regularly serviced or due to excessive usage or other reasons. This is where aircon chemical servicing or aircon chemical washing services can thoroughly clean your units. This is a more effective cleaning than servicing which can clean out all the stubborn dirt, debris and grime that have accumulated. This chemical washing can regain the functionality of your units and ensure that your unit is clean and sanitized. ALV Aircon provide a thorough aircon chemical wash and air-conditioner servicing and other aircon services in Singapore. Feel free to contact us today to find out more about our services.

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