Why My Aircon Automatically Turn On and Off?

Have you ever been in a situation where you just came home sweating due to the hot weather in Singapore and you immediately turn on your air-conditioner wanting to enjoy the cool air? However, in the midst of it, you found out that your aircon automatically turn on and off. If any home or business […]

Reasons to Opt for Aircon Chemical Washing

As everyone know, the weather in Singapore is extremely hot and humid. This result in air-conditioning units being an essential electrical appliances in all households and offices. Hence, it is important to ensure that your aircon units is functioning well, so that you are able to enjoy the strong cooling and fresh air flow in […]

Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash

Due to the hot and stuffy weather in Singapore, it is extremely important to ensure that your air-conditioner has regular servicing and maintenance. By having aircon servicing on a regular basis will ensure that your units are in good working condition and improve the performance of your system. In addition, proper maintenance will reduce the […]

Benefits of Regular Air-Conditioner Servicing Singapore

I am sure that most of you here have your air-conditioning system serviced before. However, do you know the benefits of having regular aircon servicing in Singapore? Many households actually neglects the importance of regular servicing and maintenance which often results in aircon problems such as sudden breakdowns. The benefits not just limits to your […]

Why Is My Aircon Noisy?

Do you often being woken up in a middle of the night due to your aircon too noisy? I am sure these noises coming out from your air-conditioner system is causing you great discomfort and frustration. There are several reasons that could cause the problem since there are different type of noises coming out from […]

Why Is My Aircon Freezing Up?

Do you guys encounter situation where your aircon freezing up and there are ice forming around the aircon? It can be difficult to find out the reasons why it is freezing up. The ice formation on the aircon is one of the common aircon problems faced by households in Singapore. There are actually a number […]

Importance of Aircon Servicing Before Singapore Haze

I am sure every Singaporean resident has encountered and even breathe polluted air during the Singapore haze period. There are many harmful side effects from the polluted air from the haze in Singapore. However, there are actually ways for you to reduce the harmful effects from the haze. It is definitely important to take care […]

Facing Aircon Smelly Problems?

Have you been in a situation where you are breathing in bad odour smell from your aircon? This means that you are facing aircon smelly problems. This is one of the common aircon problems where owners often feel sick due to the bad odour smell. I am sure everyone would want to enjoy a cooling […]

Reasons Why Aircon Not Working?

I am sure every one of you have been in a situation where your aircon not working on an extremely hot day. Air-conditioners work the same as the other household appliances where one fine day, problems such as aircon not working will arise in an unpredictable manner. When your aircon run into the above situation, […]

Facing Aircon Leaking Water Problem in Singapore?

Aircon is one of the common household appliances in Singapore. Whenever you walk around in Singapore, you can see that almost everywhere would have air-conditioning system. Places such as houses, shopping malls, offices, schools, MRT, buses and even lifts have an air-conditioner installed to cool down the places. I estimate that almost 90% of the […]